Advances in Engineering Design and Optimization II

Volumes 101-102

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hui Mu, Ping Yu Jiang, Qi Qi Zhu

Abstract: Industrial product service systems (IPSSs) are special product-service packages used to improve productivity and reduce cost in the life...

Authors: Fa Shuai Song, Wei Xiang, Fei Fan Ye

Abstract: For industry cluster with multiple suppliers and multiple manufacturers, there exists a network supply-demand relationship among suppliers...

Authors: Li Wei Song, Yang Jian Ji, Guo Ning Qi, Yong Zhang

Abstract: In today’s information age, the information sharing issues are widespread concerned by academia and manufacturing industry. For improving...

Authors: Jian Liu, Shi Gang Song, Biao Hua Cai

Abstract: To meet the optimal selection of equipment resources in reconfigurable manufacturing environment, a target system was established to select...

Authors: Meng Li Wu, Bin Chen, Zhi Wei Xing

Abstract: This paper established a mathematical model for the centralized aircraft ground deicing processes which includes preparation, deicing...

Authors: Zhan Tao Li, Qing Xin Chen, Ning Mao

Abstract: Rapid access (RA) is an effective heuristic method for solving the permutation flow shop problem with the objective of makespan. This paper...

Authors: Jie Lai Chen, Da Zhi Jiang, Ya Yan Huang

Abstract: The drawbead plays a very important role in automobile covering part forming processes. Traditional drawbead design mainly depends on...

Authors: Gang Ming Wang, Jian Ming Zhan

Abstract: By the hybrid movement/force control policy, machining force could be controlled in aspheric surface polishing. However, the controller...

Authors: Lei Wang, Xue Ling

Abstract: This paper established a coordination control model for manufacturing system with three manufacturing cells. The step responses of the...

Authors: Yao Wu Zhang, Xi Chen Yang

Abstract: As an advanced repair technology, the laser remanufacturing technology has been paid much more attentions recently. The authors previously...


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