Advances in Engineering Design and Optimization II

Volumes 101-102

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jing Kui Li, Yi Min Zhang

Abstract: By assuming that the random parameters of a continuum structure obey the normal distribution, this paper utilized “normrnd” function in...

Authors: Wei Zhang, De Gao, Yong Gang Meng

Abstract: This paper presents a laser trigonometry system measuring a micro cantilever’s vibration. The system includes a semiconductor diode laser, a...

Authors: Guang Jie Chen, Yu Hu Yang, Zhao Guang Shen

Abstract: Double crank indexing cam mechanism is a coaxial layout of the new sub-degree institutions. In comparison with the conventional indexing cam...

Authors: Lei Pei, Wei Zhang

Abstract: Working unit in hybrid excavator is an open linkage with three rotary joints, including arm joint, boom joint and bucket joint. This...

Authors: Long Li, Ping Hu, Wei Dong Li, Xiao Qiang Han

Abstract: Adhesive bonded single lap joints are used extensively in the manufacture of automobile structures. However, the joints involve many factors...

Authors: Meng Guan, Yi Min Song, Tao Sun, Gang Dong

Abstract: This paper presents a novel 4-DOF (Degree of Freedom) parallel manipulator called 2-PSS&(2-PRR)R manipulator. Firstly, the architecture of...

Authors: Cheng Yu Wu, Fei Qing Wu, Hui Mei Yang

Abstract: This article discusses how to apply sensor mixture, modern image handle and computer vision technology to analyse and to deal with the...

Authors: Wei Hsiung, Song Young, Zhi Bin Xie

Abstract: With continuous development of macromolecule technology and great invention of advanced materials with high quality, plastic parts are...

Authors: Zhong Quan Guo, Jian Xia Liu, Wen Cai Luo

Abstract: Aerodynamic design of launch vehicle is facing combinatorial explosion problem caused by modular design. In order to get basic feasible...

Authors: Zhao Dong Huang, Bo Qian Fan, Xiao Ping Ouyang, Ling Ling Xu, Zhi Gang Wang

Abstract: The rolling bearing test rig for heavy vehicles often works under heavy load and high speed, thus it requires high performance for the main...


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