Advances in Engineering Design and Optimization II

Volumes 101-102

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Jun Zhong, Wen Wen Li, Li Yun Zhang, Ai Bing Yu

Abstract: A novel algorithm of analyzing the textural features of image is put forward for color difference classify of ceramic tiles. First the image...

Authors: Yong Li, Yu Guo Cui, Shao Yong Zheng

Abstract: In order to obtain higher accuracy and faster calculation speed of hysteresis model of the piezoelectric micro-positional stage, the...

Authors: Hai Na Sun, Rong Jun Cheng, Hong Xia Ge

Abstract: The present paper deals with the numerical solution of two-dimensional linear hyperbolic equation using the meshless reproducing kernel...

Authors: Shao Feng Shen, Xian Cheng Wang, Jun Hua Chen

Abstract: There is a problem with non-contact measurement and detection, which reduces its measurement accuracy. Methods developed for measuring and...

Authors: Liu Fang Shentu, Ping Yang

Abstract: Flexible laminated membrane coupling is a device which transmits torque by a group or groups of stainless steel sheet. The Relative...

Authors: Chun Yu Wang, Guang Wen Zhang

Abstract: There are two necessary qualifications applying the skills of reverse engineering to develop a new product, including detecting device, and...

Authors: Ying Song Gu, Zhi Chun Yang

Abstract: Mu method is a flutter solution technique based on frequency domain mu-analysis, which directly applies perturbation to dynamic pressure in...

Authors: Lei Jie Fu, Ping Yu Jiang

Abstract: Product development process modeling (PDPM) is one of the key techniques for product development (PD). The main aim of PDPM is to provide a...

Authors: Rui Feng Bo

Abstract: In conceptual design of mechanical system, selecting an appropriate mechanical drive type that meets design requirements is a critical...

Authors: Xiong Zhao, Jian Neng Chen, Gen Yong Ren, Ying Wang, Chuan Long Li

Abstract: In order to express the pitch curve of non-circular gear conveniently in a uniform way, which would lessen the complexity of calculating the...


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