Advances in Engineering Design and Optimization II

Volumes 101-102

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Gui Fen Zhou, Guang Ming Chen, Rui Zhang, Shu Cai Xu, Jian Qiao Li

Abstract: The adhesion and the compressibility of the soft soil will vary as the earth gravity changes. In this study, the pressure-sinkage...

Authors: Wei Wang, Hua Gui Huang, Jing Yi Zhao

Abstract: The thrust cylinder is one of the most important components in thrust system of the shield machine. The enormous thrust force and radial...

Authors: You Cheng Tong, Yang Zhang, Jun Zhou Yao

Abstract: In order to develop an automated segmentation system for jacquard fabric images, a new approach based on MRMRF algorithm with variable...

Authors: Bin Hua Wang, Peng Min Lu, Yu Hong Shao

Abstract: The motion equation of boom system of pump truck carrying concrete flow is set up based on the coupled vibration theory of cantilevered pipe...

Authors: Gang Zhang, Hai Bo Huang, Ting Zhang

Abstract: The rigid-flex coupled multi-body dynamic model of Motoman HP20 was built in this paper. The parts geometry shapes were modeled in 3D...

Authors: Yi Sheng Liu, Xu Dong Hu, Peng Dong Su

Abstract: A research program is currently underway with the purpose of developing a double-layer air jet looms with solo-supported gas device. Issues...

Authors: Yan Jie Li, Fu De Wang, Zhi Hui Kou

Abstract: A novel structure of a six-wheel all-terrain mobile robot with the integration of active and passive control is presented in this paper....

Authors: Shu Ni Song, Jing Yi Liu

Abstract: The temperature is a key factor that affects the metal deformation and the material property in the rolling process. The metal deformation...

Authors: Bao Shou Sun, Yi Min Deng, Bo Qin Gu, Xiao Diao Huang

Abstract: In this paper, Taguchi experimental design method is applied, and injection molding CAE simulation analysis is conducted. Influence factors...

Authors: Yu Liu, Hong Yun Yang, Guo Chao Wang

Abstract: Multidisciplinary design optimization of a biaxial capacitive micro-accelerometer with the crab-leg flexural suspension is discussed....


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