Advances in Engineering Design and Optimization II

Volumes 101-102

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Xie

Abstract: Reinforced concrete ribbed arch aqueduct’s bent is arranged symmetrically on the main arch, load which is transferred from bent to main arch...

Authors: Wen Liang Ma, Wei Xing Chen

Abstract: Spiral case are important diversion parts of reaction type wheel, this paper adopts finite element method to carry out simulation analysis...

Authors: Wen Liang Ma, Xin Li Bai

Abstract: The force characteristic of Shahe prestressed U-shaped thin shell beam-supported aqueduct in operational process and stress or displacement...

Authors: Hong Mei Li

Abstract: Aqueduct is a common water conveyance buildings, this paper adopts finite element method to carry out three-dimensional finite element...

Authors: Dong Yu Ji

Abstract: Reinforced concrete continuous box-girder overpass is a common structure form, Wangzhuang overpass is example, this paper adopts universal...

Authors: Ju Feng Wang, Feng Xin Sun

Abstract: This paper presents an improved interpolating moving least-squares (IIMLS) method, in which orthogonal functions system is used as the basis...

Authors: Feng Xin Sun, Ju Feng Wang

Abstract: An improved element-free Galerkin method is presented for the numerical solution of the third-order nonlinear KdV equation by coupling the...

Authors: Qi Jun Chen, Yi Gan, Ji Tao Du

Abstract: In order to find out the influence trend and the impact factor of different process parameters for die-roll of gear shape and smooth-shear...

Authors: Zhi Lan Chen, Ren Wei Yang

Abstract: The filling process, solidification process, gasification process and node temperature change of special-shaped stainless steel stirrer via...

Authors: Yong Wu, Min Ji, Qi Fan Yang

Abstract: Two semi-online scheduling problems on two parallel identical machines under a grade of service (GoS) provision were studied. The goal is to...


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