Advances in Engineering Design and Optimization II

Volumes 101-102

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wen Yu, Li Xu, Shu Li Sun

Abstract: In order to meet the demand of social development, improve the speed and comfort during elevator running process, the elevator speed control...

Authors: Gong Ping Zhang, Zhi Zhong Liao, Chao Yang Duan, Peng Ju Wang

Abstract: The flight Performance of missile can be improved by adaptive morphing wing serving as main lift surface. A novel compounded morphing...

Authors: Yi Qiang Wang, Chao Fu, Ming Yang Ma, Lin Bin Wang

Abstract: In order to improve the operation efficiency of order picking trucks in the warehouse, the mathematical model of the routing optimization...

Authors: Yi Qiang Wang, Chao Fu, Wei Luo

Abstract: More and more high-level order-picking trucks are used to pick and transport goods in warehouses. The dynamic stability of the truck has...

Authors: Xiao Ling Su, Jian Ming Zhan

Abstract: When a robot is used to polish or finish a curved surface, both feed movement and contact force have to be controlled at the same time so...

Authors: Rui Yin Song, Mei Qin Zhang, Chen Tang, Lei Li

Abstract: Based on two kinds of upper mould bases real structures of high speed punch, the structure was simplified and simulation models were built...

Authors: Mei Qin Zhang, Wu Feng, Hui Di Zhang, Xian Chen Wang

Abstract: For the disadvantages of the poor open and high price of the special joint robot control system, a general PC-based three degree articulated...

Authors: Hui Di Zhang, De Yi Song, Meng Hong Shen

Abstract: The ability to solve inventive problems is the core of the innovation process. TRIZ have shown results that inventiveness can be understood...

Authors: Fang Ping Huang, Tian Hao Peng

Abstract: The variable speed hydraulic systems have many advantages, and research about this field in recent years has developed rapidly. In this...

Authors: Shu Jian Liu, Bo Cheng Wu

Abstract: This paper proposes a new method to optimize cold strip rolling schedule by means of self-adaptive learning based particle swarm...


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