Advances in Engineering Design and Optimization II

Volumes 101-102

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ju Feng Wang

Abstract: A disadvantage of the MLS approximation is that the shape function of this method does not satisfy the property of Kronecker Delta function....

Authors: Feng Xin Sun, Ju Feng Wang

Abstract: Based on the MLS approximation, a meshless method for the numerical solution of the generalized Burger’s equation is presented in this...

Authors: Jun Xie, Jun Zhang, Jie Li

Abstract: Based on the characteristics and the common massage manipulations of Chinese medical massage, a practical series mechanical arm was...

Authors: Ji Kang Bo

Abstract: This paper introduces the dynamics model and mathematical characteristics of the constant difference of overflowing pressure with...

Authors: Qi Wei, Yong Wu

Abstract: In this paper, a two-machine two-stage flow shop with identical jobs is considered. Each of identical jobs has two tasks. The first task can...

Authors: Ping Yuan Xi

Abstract: With the issue of environmental pollution and energy crisis worsening day by day, the researches and applications of low-pollution and high...

Authors: Xiao Yi Li, Zhi Ming Wang, Xin Wan, Yang Cao

Abstract: A discrete element numerical model simulating the process of gas pressurization in coalbed methane wells is built based on UDEC software....

Authors: Hong Ping Xu, Ling Dong Wu, Yi Wang, Liang Yi Li

Abstract: To study the kinematic characteristics of a new designed flange vertical lathe with double machining tools, a virtual prototype model was...

Authors: Jian Yu Bai, Sen Lin Tong, Di Zheng

Abstract: With the development of manufacturing industry, the stroke speed of stamping machine is higher and higher. In accordance with the...

Authors: Huan Yu Xia, Ying Hu Zhai, Xu Zhang

Abstract: Cutting transport is a big problem in a wellbore in deep-water drilling specially with a long and large diameter riser. And proper cutting...


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