Advances in Engineering Design and Optimization II

Volumes 101-102

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Ping Jiang

Abstract: Based on BP neural network, this paper had a prediction on ultimate bearing capacity of prestressed pipe pile. Taking pile diameter,...

Authors: Xue Сhang Zhang, Xue Jun Gao

Abstract: A method for accurate registration on point clouds is presented in the paper. Manual alignment or the use of landmarks is avoided in the...

Authors: Long Quan Yong

Abstract: A new method is proposed for the linear complementarity problem (LCP). Firstly we formulate the LCP into a multiobjective optimization...

Authors: Jun Fan

Abstract: The filling capability of forging die is important to design forging die and it exerts a decisive influence to the quality and life of die....

Authors: Xue Hai Pan

Abstract: The kinematics simulation of 6-PURU parallel mechanism was made based on dynamics simulation analysis software ADAMS, and the simulation...

Authors: De Gong Chang, Li Zeng Zhang, Zhao Dong Liu

Abstract: In this paper, taking the twin tripod sliding universal joint as three-dimensional solid model, adding various kinematic pairs and motion...

Authors: Hua Bo He, Fei Lin Wu, Yi Min Deng

Abstract: By the combination of orthogonal experiments and moldflow simulation analysis, the warpage of a thin-wall injection molded parts is analyzed...

Authors: Qian Wei Zhuang, Jian Zhong Lv, Hua Qin Jiang

Abstract: This paper introduced the characteristics of eccentric multi-axes rectangular shield machine and made comparisons to traditional earth...

Authors: You Jun Wang, Jing Ke Xu

Abstract: The carrier frame is the installation base of ROV’s each subsystem and the main force component when lifted and recycled. Its research is...

Authors: Li Da Wang

Abstract: In the distance learning of the courses of Machine Parts and Design, the hypothesized experiment through internet is a kind of the...


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