Advances in Engineering Design and Optimization II

Volumes 101-102

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ying Zhao

Abstract: With the enhancement of environmental protection consciousness, people pay increasingly attention to sustainable design all over the world...

Authors: Xiao Hua Qian, Meng Hong Shen

Abstract: Linear ultrasonic motors have been of significant research interests for its excellent characteristics, but it’s hindered by complicated...

Authors: Da Yi Yang, Li Tao Wang, Hua Wang, Xi Min Liu, Bai Xin Yang

Abstract: The reconfiguration and the capacity of rapid adjustment of automotive welding fixture are the main obstacle to the development cycle and...

Authors: Zeng Meng Zhang, Yong Jun Gong

Abstract: Lubrication and sealing are the key research points in water hydraulic technology. A better seal is provided by the structure form of the...

Authors: Zhi Sheng Ren, Di Zheng, Li Yong Hu, Chao Bing Huang

Abstract: Rheology is an important property of MRF (Magnetorheological fluids) and an important basis for designing a MRF device. For researchers and...

Authors: Di Zheng, Feng Lu, Li Yong Hu, Yong Jie Shi

Abstract: In mechanical equipments or manufacturing processes, force control is definitely required to achieve desired performance or to ensure...

Authors: Shun Ming Hua, Yi Qiang Wang, Xiao Jun Wang, Guang Ming Cheng

Abstract: A new piezoelectric in-plane traveling mechanism of miniature robot was proposed. It seems like a small tripod-type device and runs on...

Authors: Shun Ming Hua, Xiao Jun Wang, Yi Qiang Wang, Ping Zeng

Abstract: A new piezoelectric rotary mechanism for precise positioning was proposed. It was designed in asymmetrically configuration of two sets of...

Authors: Lei Qiu, Yu Guo Cui, Feng Yi Feng

Abstract: Considering assembly and disassembly of micro-gripper, connection and isolation of lead, a new micro-gripper based on piezoelectric bimorphs...

Authors: Fa Shen, Fa Ren Huo

Abstract: Combined with the current product image research status and development trend, based on the conception and relationship of the enterprise...


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