Advances in Engineering Design and Optimization II

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Authors: Hua Min Lee, Xue Jing Zhang
Abstract: This paper constructed a model to propose the financial crisis impact on inbound tourism. Two hypotheses are about the relationship between financial crisis and the number of inbound tourist, plus inbound tourists’ expense. This paper analyzes the number of inbound tourists and their average expenses by TRAMO/SEATS and Eviews software under the influences of financial crisis. The results show that firstly foreign exchange earnings, inbound tourist number and average expense have been reduced obviously. Secondly, the influence on average expenses is less than that on inbound tourist numbers at the end of 2008. The recovery of average expenses was faster than that of tourist numbers. Thirdly, the influence of inbound tourist numbers is greater and longer than that of average expenses. Fourthly, time length and degrees of crisis are quite different when trend curves are various. Then the paper puts forward specific countermeasures with Chinese characteristics.
Authors: Cheng Zhou Zeng, Zuan Lin, Jun Hua Chen, Meng Hong Shen
Abstract: The method of pressure decay leak detection measures leakage by detecting interior pressure change of tested tank. As pressure change of tested tank affects leak rate, there is a certain deviation between tested leakage and actual leakage under constant pressure. Currently, all of the international leakage standards are developed under constant pressure conditions, therefore, this leakage deviation is mainly concerned in leak detection. In this paper, a deviation calculated model between tested leakage and actual leakage under constant pressure was developed. And the experimental results showed a good agreement with the model simulation date.
Authors: Zhao Feng Zhang, Zhi Huan Zhang
Abstract: In this paper, we turn plane seven-bar mechanism into spherical seven-bar mechanism, using quaternion to construct mathematical model for spherical seven-bar mechanism. Three constraint equations are obtained according to the angles constraint. Using Sylvester resultant elimination by two steps, a 32 degree univariate polynomial equation can be obtained. A numerical example confirms that analytical solutions of spherical seven-bar mechanism are 32 and with the help of Mathematic software to solve the location parameters.
Authors: Zhen Gyu Zheng, Ren Xian Li
Abstract: This paper utilized the Boundary Element Method (BEM) combined with the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) based on Lighthill’s analogy in the high-speed train model, and converted the fluctuating flow pressure near the vehicle’s surface into the dipole source boundary condition in acoustics grid, eventually succeeded in completing the numerical simulation of aerodynamic noise field outside the high-speed train by introducing the dipole source boundary condition into the train BEM model. The results show that the main aerodynamic noise controlling area is 15-20 meters away from the track center line in the horizontal direction, and the Sound Press Level (SPL) is 63-72dB.
Authors: Guo Liang Hu, Miao Guo, Wei Hua Li
Abstract: In this study, the MRE was manufactured, and the sandwich beam was also fabricated by treating with MRE between two thin aluminum layers. The experiment test rig was set up to investigate the vibration response of the MRE sandwich beam under non-homogeneous magnetic field. The experimental results show that the MRE sandwich beam had the capabilities of left shifting first natural frequency when the magnetic field was increased in the activated regions. It is also obvious that the first natural frequency of the MRE sandwich beam decreased as the magnetic field that applied on the beam was moved from the clamped end of the beam to the free end of the beam.
Authors: Yan Ming Lu
Abstract: As to spiral groove grinding, a formed wheel was needed to be designed and manufactured conventionally based on envelope theory, and then this wheel was used to grind the specified spiral groove. This paper tried to find the other way to manufacture the specified spiral groove with common dish wheels. A generic model for groove grinding is presented in this paper, the groove geometries can be calculated under certain grinding parameters. The relations between the grinding parameter and groove geometries were studied numerically. To manufacture the specified spiral groove with common dish wheels and no special wheel is needed to be designed. This method offers a new way for the spiral groove grinding. This technology also makes the spiral groove virtual machining possible. The technology is also a real DFM (Design For Manufacture), because the design process for spiral groove is the process for selecting manufacture parameters.
Authors: Liang Yao Su, Xiang Sheng Li, Xiong Fei Yin, Xiao Yan Feng, Shang Wen Ruan
Abstract: The reinforcement rib design is one of the key parts in entire bottle design. This paper presents the rib performance prediction system based on the BP algorithm and the finite element analysis, which adopts the finite element analysis results as its learning samples, sets up the rib performance prediction system with BP artificial neural network. The results show that the artificial neural network plays an important role in rib performance prediction; meanwhile it can guide the bottle design in practical terms.
Authors: Yan Jun Luo, Zhao Yu Bei
Abstract: Ant colony algorithm has disadvantages such as long researching time and easily relapsing into local optimization. Artificial fish-swarm algorithm is presented to conquer the disadvantages. The combination of the two algorithms is applied in function optimization to overcome the limitation that the ant colony algorithm does not fit to solve continuous space optimization. The tested function shows the effect of the method.
Authors: Jian Ping Jiang
Abstract: Based on partial least-squares regression taking into account interactional items among independent variables, this paper had a prediction on concrete strength at the 28th day. Taking proportion of flyash in cementing material, usage amount of cementing material, ash-water ratio as independent variables , and concrete strength at the 28th day as dependent variable , the forecast model of concrete strength was obtained. It was found that press residual value decreased with the increase of number of latent variables, and number of latent variables were three according to Press residual value versus number of latent variables. The normal regression coefficient of ash-water ratio was the largest in three influence factors, this indicated that the influence of ash-water ratio was largest to concrete strength at the 28th day; The determination coefficient of forecast model obtained in this paper was 0.9353, the error of forecast model was. The following conclusion can be drawn that, the model is accurate and credible, and the partial least-squares regression taking into account interactional items among independent variables is a eximious non-linear method, and it is worthy to spread its application in the forecast analysis of concrete strength at the 28th day.
Authors: Jian Dong Sun, E. Tian, Hong Lei, Zi Ping Liu, Wen Yu Fu
Abstract: A new structure of mechanical pulse CVT –rotational swash plate pulse CVT was put forward. This paper analyzed the impact of helical gear parameters on swash plate pulse CVT characteristics, it can be seen that the angular velocity of output shaft is proportional to the angle between Swash plate surface and vertical cross section of the input shaft and the swash plate surface, the gear modulus has no effect on the transmission ratio, the guide rod pitch diameter is the major factor contacting gear tooth Strength, when the other parameters unchanged, ( is the pitch helix angle)is proportional to the output torque, and is inversely proportional to the output torque.

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