Advances in Engineering Design and Optimization II

Volumes 101-102

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xue Ping Wu

Abstract: Industrial design is not only the exterior design. Industrial design is the scientific and technical results transformation for products,...

Authors: Song Yang, Ying Zhong

Abstract: Now, the application of team is wider and wider, the studies about team are more and more. If a team can always maintain high design...

Authors: Liang Hui Shang, Xiao Jun Zhou, Si Yuan Wu, Chen Long Yang

Abstract: The existed semi-automatic ultrasound eddy current testing system is difficult to adapt to the situation of seamless steel tube detection...

Authors: Min Ying Guo, Li Na Chen

Abstract: Image can invoke people’s association with the past scene and experience, so products blending with images can resonate with the users and...

Authors: Ji Hong Yang, Shu Guang Zhu, Yu Ling Zhang, Tie Jun Liu, Yan Qing Jiang

Abstract: In order to meet the mobile robot’s accuracy and speed requirements in processing obstacle information based on the study of the principle...

Authors: Ren He Zhou, Xiao Ming Zuo

Abstract: The paper presents definition and the features of typical Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE) system. Based KBE system, a bus swing door...

Authors: Fei Qing Wu, En Jun Yu, Cai Xiang Liu

Abstract: At present, the environment control system is mainly used in large and modern greenhouses in China. It is hard to popularize among ordinary...

Authors: Bai Hong Song, Fu Qiang He, Qi Ming Guan, Feng Guo Tian

Abstract: It has designed a set of equipment which could automatically assemble porcelain insulator. And taking UG NX software as a tool, it has done...

Authors: Sheng Yin Liu

Abstract: This article unfolds the exploration of the city LED street light modelling design based on the study on the cultural elements of the Han...

Authors: Ji Tao Du

Abstract: Aiming to the problems of the mechanical press, the Pneumatic-hydraulic supercharging press of microparts forming was designed, with help of...


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