Advances in Engineering Design and Optimization II

Volumes 101-102

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Min Peng, Jiang Bo Yu

Abstract: The principle of the multilayer gridding algorithm, as well as its applications to the numerical calculation of water lubricated plastic...

Authors: Xiao Bing Huang

Abstract: The functions of the tool radius compensation in the NC processing are discussed. The functions mainly include: simplifying programming;...

Authors: Li Ji, Li Qun Liu, Xue Feng Mei

Abstract: Based on the principle of the dimension chain, this paper studies the dimension chain mathematical model and chooses a reasonable method for...

Authors: Zhan Li Wang, Zai Xiang Pang, Bang Cheng Zhang, Zheng Tang Chen, Yan Qing Jiang

Abstract: The arm is a key component of the humanoid massage robot system. On the basis of in-depth study on massage working mechanism of robot arm, a...

Authors: Zhen Bing Wang, Peng Fei, Guan Zhang Li

Abstract: The connecting rod is an important part in the engine cylinder. This paper studied the engine cylinder by using Pro/E and ANSYS and achieved...

Authors: Gui Rong Liu, Fu Lai Qu, Yu Pu Song, Chang Yong Li

Abstract: A simple method based on the well-known sectional analysis approach is presented to trace the structural behavior of reinforced concrete...

Authors: Shi Long Li, Yao Chen

Abstract: An intelligent classification system of ceramic tiles is introduced in the light of the theory about multi-sensor information fusion. The...

Authors: Xing Ling Huang, Xiang Bing Huang, Yun Fei Dong

Abstract: In this paper, an effective optimization and decision making method was proposed to deal with the multiple attribute decision making...

Authors: Shun Bo Zhao, Song Wei Pei, Ji Hao Chen, Xi Jian Liang

Abstract: This paper introduces the detection and evaluation results of a diseased highway bridge using nondestructive testing method according to...

Authors: Shun Bo Zhao, Ji Hao Chen, Xiong Huai Yu, Cheng Chen, Song Chen

Abstract: Combined with a freeway widening project, an old bridge composed by simply supported prestressed concrete hollow slabs in 20m span was...


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