Advances in Engineering Design and Optimization II

Volumes 101-102

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hang Rui Yan, Guo Ying Zeng, Deng Feng Zhao, Mei Zi Tian

Abstract: In this paper, discrete wavelet transform (DWT) is used to analyze the acceleration signals near to the loose bolt, in order to study the...

Authors: Feng Xu

Abstract: The equations of damage evolution of cross-section and the deflection deformation of concrete beam were established. Through the plain...

Authors: Yi Jui Chiu, Dar Zen Chen, Chia Hao Yang

Abstract: The influence on coupling vibrations among shaft-torsion and blade-bending coupling vibrations of a rotor system with grouped blades was...

Authors: Rong Jun Cheng, Hong Xia Ge

Abstract: The paper deals with a numerical modeling of a three-dimensional linear hyperbolic problem. The modeling is carried out using the meshless...

Authors: Rong Jun Cheng, Hong Xia Ge

Abstract: The reproducing kernel particle method (RKPM) is used in this paper to find the numerical solution of modified equal width wave (MEW)...

Authors: Chen Guang Xu, Zhen Lin Wang

Abstract: Based on the principle of digital speckle correlation method (DSCM), a distance measuring DSCM system has been developed and realized. With...

Authors: Sheng Hao Zhou, Jun Kai Cao, Jin Chun Song

Abstract: To meet the requirements of measurement and control system for common servo-cylinder and considering the characteristics of...

Authors: Shu Yan Xu, Lei Shi, Chun Sheng Chen, Bing Liu, Qun Li Zhang

Abstract: Expandable polystyrene and expandable polyethylene foams are frequently used in packaging of products. The study on their cushioning...

Authors: De Chen Huang, De Gao, Fu De Lu

Abstract: The basic flat compression cushioning performance of corrugated board was studied according to the measured data from static and dynamic...

Authors: Mei Zi Tian, Deng Feng Zhao, Guo Ying Zeng, Hang Rui Yan

Abstract: Based on the vibration mechanics theory and system’s state equation, the state-space model of the flange bolted-joints structure is...


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