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Authors: Omed Ghareb Abdullah, Dlear Rafiq Saber
Chapter 1: Materials Behavior
Abstract:Films of pure and doped Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) with different concentration of Nickel Chloride (NiCl2) were prepared using the casting...
Authors: Ming Zhong Wu
Chapter 1: Materials Behavior
Abstract:This paper determine the maximal torus of filiform Lie algebra to prove whether they are completable or not, and a sufficient and necessary...
Authors: Yung Chang Cheng, Chern Hwa Chen, Che Jung Yang
Chapter 1: Materials Behavior
Abstract:Based on the heuristic nonlinear creep model, the nonlinear coupled differential equations of the motion of a 12 degree-of-freedom (12-DOF)...
Authors: Vijay Kumar Pal, Puneet Tandon
Chapter 1: Materials Behavior
Abstract:This Abrasive Water Jet Machining (AWJM) process is usually used to cut the materials which are difficult to cut by conventional machining...
Authors: Mahdi Kazemi Hatami, Amir Masoud Amini, Kamran Fallahi
Chapter 1: Materials Behavior
Abstract:Welded structures are frequently used in today’s metal industry. Since fatigue is still one major reason of failures, investigation in this...
Authors: J.W. Kim, C.H. Park, S.S. Jeong, M.H. Kim, T.G. Park, H.H. Chong
Chapter 1: Materials Behavior
Abstract:A novel design of a simple square-frame USM (ultrasonic motor) was proposed. The stator of the motor consists of a square-frame shape elastic...
Authors: C.H. Park, J.W. Kim, S.S. Jeong, M.H. Kim, T.G. Park, H.H. Chong
Chapter 1: Materials Behavior
Abstract:Structure of a cantilever-type unimorph piezoelectric generator was proposed and designed so as to allow the generator to resonate at...
Authors: Deuk Won Lee, Jae Young Choi, Myeong Woo Cho, Chul Hee Lee, Won Oh Cho, Hyuk Chae Yun
Chapter 1: Materials Behavior
Abstract:In this study, Magneto-rheological (MR) fluid was modified by mixing and adding the additives. The researches on MR fluid have been active...
Authors: Mohsen Pirmohammadi, Majid Ghassemi, Mohsen Hamedi
Chapter 1: Materials Behavior
Abstract:The effect of temperature-dependent thermal conductivity on the magneto-convection in a low Prandtl number liquid is investigated...
Authors: Li Shun Li, Xiang De Meng, Juan Qing Zhan
Chapter 1: Materials Behavior
Abstract:To improve passing topography capacity of 2WD truck on soft soil, A track device circling driving wheel (TDCDW) is developed and tested....
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