Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, ICMAE2011

Volumes 110-116

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: M. R. Sonawane, B. J. Nagare

Abstract: We report reactivity of silicon doped single walled carbon nanotube (Si-CNT) towards the small atmospheric gas molecules O2,...

Authors: Yin Jin Janin, Stuart B. Lyon, John Wintle, Briony Holmes, Chi Ming Lee

Abstract: There are approximately 45,000 Intermediate Level Nuclear Waste (ILW) containers currently stored in the UK at Sellafield and elsewhere....

Authors: Samer A. M. Al-Said

Abstract: Simple mathematical model that describes the lateral vibration of elastically coupled cracked cantilever beams carrying rigid disk at their...

Authors: Bahman Mirzakhani, Mostafa Mansourinejad

Abstract: Various designated precipitation hardening and cold working have been employed to improve mechanical properties of...

Authors: Xian Yin Leng, Kun Peng Qi, Wu Qiang Long, Sheng Li Wei

Abstract: The formation method of the intersecting hole nozzle, each hole is formed by the converging of two or more child holes, is proposed, for the...

Authors: S.H. Hosseini Hashemi, S. Fazeli

Abstract: In this paper the free vibration analysis of a fiber reinforced mindlin plate is method based on the ritz method is used to...

Authors: Raja Shahzad, P. Naveenchandran, A. Rashid, Amir Aziz

Abstract: This paper discusses the combustion characteristics of CNG under lean and stochiometric conditions in a direct injection engine. The...

Authors: Anirut Matthujak, Chaidet Kasamnimitporn, Wuttichai Sittiwong, Kulachate Pianthong

Abstract: This paper describes the study of high-speed liquid jets injected in air from an orifice. The main focus is to study the effect of different...

Authors: S.M.R. Attarzadeh, C. S. Nor Azwadi, F. Haghbin

Abstract: In this paper, Cubic Interpolated Pseudo Particle Method is proposed to investigate the dynamic behavior of fluid motion in shear lid-driven...

Authors: Bae Young Kim, Choong Min Jeong, Myung Won Suh, Hae Ryong Kim, Hae Kyung Kim

Abstract: The noise of interior plastic parts has been one of the major driving factors in the design of automotive interior assemblies. This...


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