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Authors: Lee Peng Teo
Chapter 1: Materials Behavior
Abstract:We study the dispersive correction to the finite temperature Casimir force acting on a pair of plates immersed in a magnetodielectric medium....
Authors: Kemawadee Udomphan, Atchana Wongchaisuwat, Ladda Meesuk
Chapter 1: Materials Behavior
Abstract:CdS-intercalated bentonite was prepared by an in situ solid-solid reaction and mixed with artificial graphite, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)...
Authors: D. Pejchang, M. Medhisuwakul, S. Sansongsiri
Chapter 1: Materials Behavior
Abstract:This research is aimed to synthesize titanium nitride (TiN) thin films on stainless steel 304 using metal vacuum arc surface coating...
Authors: Xue Liu, Qing Ming Zhang, Yuan Hang He, Zhe Zhai
Chapter 1: Materials Behavior
Abstract:According to different type tactical missile warhead, structure of which was equivalent to charges covered by single-shell or double-shell....
Authors: Chewa Thassana, Wicharn Techitdheera
Chapter 1: Materials Behavior
Abstract:This calculation focus on the effect of Coulomb interaction U and exchange interaction J on spin magnetic moment Ms of MnO by...
Authors: Wei Ping Chu, Fuh Shyang Juang, Jian Shian Lin, Tien Chai Lin, Chen Wei Kuo
Chapter 1: Materials Behavior
Abstract:We utilize photonic crystals to enhanced lighttrapping in a-Si:H thin film solar cells. The photonic crystals effectively increase Haze ratio...
Authors: Yu Dan Lan, Li Ming He
Chapter 1: Materials Behavior
Abstract:A pseudo-spark based high repetition pulse generator is used, and a rapid charger (3μF) is used for repetitive discharge, and the frequency...
Authors: Ling Bin Kong, Ru Tao Wang, Xiao Wei Wang, Zhen Sheng Yang, Yong Chun Luo, Long Kang
Chapter 1: Materials Behavior
Abstract:Metal nanocatalysts, as the anodic materials, have become increasingly important in fuel cells due to their unique physical and chemical...
Authors: Cheng Fang Sun, Fa Liang Cheng, Mei Qiong Chen, Min Zhang, Zhi Quan Cai
Chapter 1: Materials Behavior
Abstract:The effect of propanetriol on the electrochemical properties of nanofumed silica gel of Valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries have been...
Authors: Ning Gan, Ling Hua Meng, Fu Tao Hu, Yu Ting Cao, Yuan Zhao Wu, Li Yong Jia, Lei Zheng
Chapter 1: Materials Behavior
Abstract:A novel disposable screen-printed immunosensor for rapid determination of highly sensitive C reactiveprotein (hs-CRP) in human serum has been...
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