Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, ICMAE2011

Volumes 110-116

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Behzad Ghadiri Dehkordi, Ali Mehrabadir

Abstract: 2D fluid flow around a circular cylinder is numerically studied where the input flow is oscillating at different values of forcing...

Authors: Rupinder Singh

Abstract: In this work comparison of hybrid rapid moulds (prepared with three dimensional printing shells supported with dry, green and molasses sand)...

Authors: Pavol Semanco, Marcel Fedak, Miroslav Rimár

Abstract: The paper introduces two ad-hoc experimental models that emulate the real semi-automated and fully automated workstations of the die-casting...

Authors: M. Ashraf Sheikh

Abstract: The present study investigated the effect of copper and nickel together on ductile iron. Ductile iron was produced by the sandwich method...

Authors: Nemat Changizi, Asef Zare, Nooshin Sheiie, Mahbubeh Moghadas

Abstract: The main aim of suspension system is to isolate a vehicle body from road irregularities in order to maximize passenger ride comfort and...

Authors: A.D. Parekh, P.R. Tailor, Nirav Sutaria

Abstract: In present work, an exergy based thermoeconomic optimization is applied to an actual cascade refrigeration system. The advantage of using...

Authors: Wei Gang Wen, Hui Juan Jia

Abstract: According to the structure features of gear system in co-rotating twin screw extruder, the model of the gear system is built, and...

Authors: Cong Lin Liu, Ye Gao, Zheng He

Abstract: Modern solid-propellant rocket motors (SRM) are laden with aluminum powder to increase the specific impulse. In SRM chamber, on the one...

Authors: A. Kandasamy, Rekha G. Pai

Abstract: The entrance region flow of a Casson fluid in a tube has been investigated numerically without making prior assumptions on the form of...

Authors: K.C. Tseng, Y.Y. Lian, Y.S. Chen, T.C. Kuo, B.R. Gu, J.S. Wu

Abstract: Reaction control subsystem (RCS) is an onboard satellite propulsion system used to provide required thrusting for orbit raising, orbit...


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