Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, ICMAE2011

Volumes 110-116

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Nagendra Kumar, Vinod Kumar, Himanshu Sikka

Abstract: We study the joint effects of viscosity, resistivity and ion-neutral collisions on Alfvén surface waves propagating along a partially...

Authors: Ali Maghari, Saeed Pourasad

Abstract: The viscosity of some simple fluids in the wide density and temperature ranges have been calculated by the modified Enskog theory (MET) and...

Authors: G.J. Gutierrez, A. López Villa, A. Torres, S. Peralta, C. A. Vargas

Abstract: The motion of the upper free surface of a liquid column released from rest in a vertical, conical container is analyzed theoretically and...

Authors: Adeel Khalid, Zuhair M. Gasem

Abstract: In the present paper, an attempt has been made to discuss the degradation mechanism of bond coat and bond coat/top coat interface in thermal...

Authors: P. Heydari, Ali Shokuhfar

Abstract: In this paper a novel L-shape microcantilever that is more sensitive in compare of traditional rectangular microcantilever is proposed. In...

Authors: Li Ping Xiao, Wen Jun Wei

Abstract: Compared with the free surface, the ruled surface is a linear set of parameters, and is obtained by a straight line moving in space along...

Authors: Ahmet Ç. Çilingir, Vahdet Uçar, Ismail Çallı

Abstract: Friction couples are still unsolved problems, and the optimal choice depends on the patient’s age, level of activity and functional...

Authors: A.M. Liaquat, H.H. Masjuki, M.A. Kalam, A. Rasyidi

Abstract: This study examines the experimental results of wear and friction characteristics using normal lubricant and jatropha oil (JO) added...

Authors: Yong Liu, Zhi Gang Yang, Yue Wu

Abstract: The author finds that there is outflow during piezoelectric pump sucking process, and a dynamic model combined with hydrodynamics and...

Authors: Korosh Khorshidi

Abstract: This study is focused on vibration analysis of a rectangular plate in partial coupled with a vertical bounded fluid. The fluid displacement...


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