Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, ICMAE2011

Volumes 110-116

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shan Shan Qin, He Ming Zhang, Hui Yong Hu, Xiao Yan Wang, Guan Yu Wang

Abstract: Threshold voltage models for both buried channel and surface channel for the dual-channel strained Si/strained...

Authors: Xiao Bo Xu, He Ming Zhang, Hui Yong Hu, Shan Shan Qin, Jiang Tao Qu

Abstract: An analytical expression for collector resistance of a novel vertical SiGe partially-depleted accumulation-subcollector HBT on thin SOI is...

Authors: Jiang Tao Qu, He Ming Zhang, Hui Yong Hu, Xiao Bo Xu, Guan Yu Wang, Xiao Yan Wang

Abstract: The impact of Drain-Induced Barrier Lowering effect (DIBL) on the shift of threshold voltage is prominent as the feature size of MOS device...

Authors: Ali Shahhoseini, Samane Ghorbanalipour, Rahim Faez

Abstract: In this paper, a method of determining physical dimension of Double Barrier Quantum Well (DBQW) of Resonance Tunneling Diodes (RTDs) is...

Authors: Jie Wang, Bin Zhen Zhang

Abstract: Use MBE technology grew three different structures’ RTD to get a contrast test on device with different thickness of well structure’s DC...

Authors: Yan Xu Li, Li Xin Xu

Abstract: In order to obtain the aerial target’s electrostatic information, a novel electrostatic detection sensor is proposed. With the help of...

Authors: Li Liu, Hua Wang, Ji Wen Xu, Ming Fang Ren, Ling Yang

Abstract: (Pb0.92La0.08)(Zr0.65Ti0.35) O3(PLZT) thin films were fabricated on indium-doped tin oxide...

Authors: Kai Yang Niu, Jing Sun, Xi Wen Du

Abstract: Carbon encapsulated nickel nanoparticles (CENNPs) with high purity were fabricated by laser ablation of nickel target in ethanol. The size...

Authors: Jiu Xu Song, Hong Xia Liu

Abstract: The electronic transport properties of an (8, 0) SiC nanotube (SiCNT) with antisite defect are investigated with the method combined...

Authors: Ki Jin Kim, Tae Ho Lim, S.H. Park, K. H. Ahn

Abstract: This paper proposes a high efficiency power amplifier with a diode linearizer and voltage combining transformers in a standard 0.13-μm TSMC...


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