Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, ICMAE2011

Volumes 110-116

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ke Nan Zhang, Wan Chun Chen

Abstract: A trajectory optimization method for hypersonic vehicle in glide phase satisfying maneuvering penetration is proposed. Divide the dangerous...

Authors: Rahman Tawfiqur, Hao Zhou, Yong Zhi Sheng, Ya Min Younis, Ke Nan Zhang

Abstract: The paper presents a gauss pseudospectral solution for the trajectory optimization problem of a hypersonic vehicle. Determination of optimal...

Authors: Sujay Shelke, H.V. Vankudre, Vinay Patil

Abstract: Typical seismic analysis using response spectrum method involves several steps from the initial step of extracting the modes. At the initial...

Authors: Yuan Yun Song, Wan Chun Chen, Xing Liang Yin

Abstract: A new type of guidance law is developed for intercepting high maneuvering target. The law takes angular acceleration of line-of-sight as a...

Authors: Zdenek Vintr, David Valis

Abstract: The paper deals with possibilities of maintenance optimisation of k-out-of-n systems. The first part of the paper briefly...

Authors: Nikhil P. Patrike, Sanmaya Patro

Abstract: Micro hydro is that form of alternative source which refers to hydro power systems with a power rating of 100Kw. A 100kW system will produce...

Authors: Vahid Golkarfard, Seyyed Abdolreza Gandjalikhan Nassab, Amir Babak Ansari

Abstract: A numerical simulation procedure for studying deposition of aerosol particles in a laminar convection flow of radiating gas over a...

Authors: Lei Wang, Yu Shan Zhao, Peng Shi

Abstract: This investigation is concerned with the non-linear multi-in-multi-out tracking control of a spacecraft with Double-gimbaled control moment...

Authors: Naimesh Patel, J.B. Rami, A.P. Vora, C.P. Dewan, D. Subrahmanyam

Abstract: Spaceborn optical payload consists of optical elements supported by mechanical structure in desired orientation. Mechanical structure made...

Authors: Gaurav Singhal, Mainuddin, R.K. Tyagi

Abstract: Supersonic chemical oxygen iodine laser (SCOIL) hasrecently proved itscapabilities against projectile targets such as missiles and rockets...


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