Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, ICMAE2011

Volumes 110-116

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Fei Gao, Yi Bo Qi, Qiang Yin, Jia Qing Xiao

Abstract: In this paper, a novel scheme is propose to solve the problems in chaos control via a nonnegative multi–modal nonlinear optimization, which...

Authors: Aadithya Ravi, Easwara E.A. Moorthy, D. Vidya, G.Mahesh Kumar

Abstract: Specific hardware solutions are always faster than programmable architectures. But dedicated architectures have the inherent disadvantage of...

Authors: Yohei Saika

Abstract: We apply statistical mechanics of the Q-Ising model to a typical problem in information processing technology which is called as inverse...

Authors: Yu Zhou, Guo Qi Wei, He Kun Guo

Abstract: Knowledge of the permeability distribution is critical to a successful reservoir model. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) measurements can be...

Authors: Behrouz Behtoee, Rahim Faez

Abstract: Elmore delay has been widely used as an analytical estimate of the interconnect delays in the performance-driven synthesis and layout of...

Authors: Khadijeh Feizi, Ali Shahhoseini

Abstract: Adder is one of the important arithmetic units in computers. In this paper, we investigate the implementation of quaternary half adder based...

Authors: Zheng Hu Chen, Ju Long Lan

Abstract: The backbone network throughput has climbed up to 40Gbps, it demands a high-speed pattern matching algorithm. In this paper, we apply Half...

Authors: Hai Ying Jiang, Yu Liang Ma

Abstract: Digital correlator play an important role for Photon Correlation Spectorscopy. In this paper, the theory of Photon Correlation Spectorscopy...

Authors: Guo Fang Ding, Lei Ting Chen, Wei Zhao, Jian Zhong Zhang, Ya Li Yu

Abstract: The paper analyzes HDR technologies and its applications in post process effects, refers to a new method to combine the post process effects...

Authors: Alan C. Lin, Dean K. Sheu

Abstract: This paper proposes a two-step process which uses the knowledge gathered in sheet-metal manufacturing practice as the basis to find proper...


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