Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, ICMAE2011

Volumes 110-116

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Hong Xu, Qun Ji Xue, Jiu Sheng Li, Li Feng Hao

Abstract: To find a kind nanoparticles can be used as additive in lubricants, oil-soluble calcium borate nanoparticles were prepared in the present of...

Authors: Zhi Ning Yin, Shu Yang

Abstract: This paper studies coupling between localized surface plasmons in metal nanoparticle waveguides of different materials and sizes, and then...

Authors: Shu Yang, Zhi Ning Yin

Abstract: FDTD method is used to simulate SPPs in the Kretschmann structure. It is observed that the surface plasmon wave propagates not only with the...

Authors: Bao Jun Wang, Fei Xie, Ke Jun Jia

Abstract: To obtain a understanding of the deform mechanism and ideal strength in superhard nanocomposites nc-TiN/a-BN. we studied, using the...

Authors: Quan Xu, Kang Xie, Hua Jun Yang

Abstract: We demonstrate self-collimation phenomena based on a new type of photonic crystals made of square lattice with ring shaped holes. The plane...

Authors: Ying Nan Dong, Shouan Dong, Zai Fu Pan, Ming Li Xu

Abstract: A new synthesis of Ag @ Au core-shell composite nanoparticles (NPs) was described by spontaneous deposit Au on the surface of Ag seeds which...

Authors: Jian Ming Bryan Ma, Samuel F. Asokanthan, Li Ying Jiang

Abstract: New techniques that can control Casimir forces in nanosacle structures may soon ensure the physical realization of switchable Casimir-force...

Authors: Zhi Gang Liu, Xiang Jun Fang, Si Yong Liu, Ping Wang, Zhao Yin

Abstract: A highly loaded high-pressure turbine with a supersonic nozzle guide vane and a transonic rotor for a Variable Cycle Engine (VCE) has been...

Authors: Onder Turan, T. Hikmet Karakoc

Abstract: Exergy analysis permits meaningful efficiencies to be evaluated for a system or process, and the sources, causes and locations of...

Authors: Ali Sayyah, Moones Sayyah, Saeed Ramezani

Abstract: Oil analysis technique is used as predictive and proactive tools to identify the wear modes of rubbing parts and to diagnose the faults in...


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