Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, ICMAE2011

Volumes 110-116

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ping Ouyang, Xian Ming Zhang

Abstract: Tribological study on a 12.7 mm diameter steel ball bearing specimen has been carried out in a four-ball machine. The synthesis of...

Authors: S. K. S. Yadav, Vinod Yadava

Abstract: This paper presents the simultaneous optimization of multiple quality characteristics (Material removal rate and Average surface roughness)...

Authors: M. A. Wazed, S. Ahmed, Nukman Yusoff, Nader Ale Ebrahim

Abstract: Use of common parts for different products (commonality) is important methods for managing product variety and preserving competitiveness in...

Authors: Rahim Ebrahim

Abstract: Energy conservation and its efficient use are nowadays a major issue. The evident reduction in oil reserves combined with the increase in...

Authors: Rahim Ebrahim, Mahmoud Reza Tadayon, Farshad Tahmasebi Gandomkari, Kamyar Mahbobian

Abstract: Today, the world community is looking for fuel efficient and environmentally viable alternatives for many of the traditional energy...

Authors: Kuldeep Mishra, D.K. Rai

Abstract: Dielectric properties of proton conducting polymer electrolyte system, containing polyethylene oxide (PEO) as host polymer and ammonium...

Authors: Jian Mei Luo, Yu Ming Feng

Abstract: This paper considered two organisms competing for a nutrient in the chemostat in the presence of an inhibitor, where the yields and growth...

Authors: A. Masruroh, Masayuki Toda

Abstract: The polarization-voltage (P-V) and leakage currents density (J-V) characteristics were investigated on the ferroelectric PZT films deposited...

Authors: M. Nuñez, A. López Villa, C. A. Vargas, A. Medina

Abstract: The Galton´s board is a periodic lattice with fixed nails at its nodes, spherical grains travel through them due to gravity. This system is...

Authors: Raminder Gill, P. Singh

Abstract: In the age of technology, with smaller and smaller electronic components being used in a growing number of applications, one pertinent...


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