Materials and Computational Mechanics

Volumes 117-119

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Min Li, Bing Liang, Jian Ping Wang

Abstract: In order to improve the performance of SET protocol based on the original one, such as security and integrity of information,...

Authors: Jian Zheng, Chang Sheng Zhou, Xiong Chen

Abstract: Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is an important applied research area of scientific computation visualization. Aiming at the difficult...

Authors: Lin Xu, Adrian Neild

Abstract: Acoustic radiation forces can be used to collect particles within microfluidic systems. The standard way of doing this is to excite a...

Authors: Erry Yulian T. Adesta, Muhammad Riza, Mohammad Yeakub Ali

Abstract: Cermets become increasingly popular cutting insert in recent years. They are generally good when accuracy and finish are criteria for the...

Authors: Xiu Ting Zhao, Jin Meng

Abstract: The use of Pro/E features a powerful solid modeling and ANSYS finite element analysis a powerful, integrated analysis of the two methods on...

Authors: Kua Hai Yu, Liu Xian Hu, Xi Yang, Zhu Feng Yue

Abstract: A numerical based study was conducted to further understanding of turbine tip leakage and flow mechanisms for squealer tip blade. Three...

Authors: Chuan Qi Li, Wei Wang, Jie Gong, Xin Lai Zhao

Abstract: Physical and numerical model studies were performed in order to study the flow conditions for the proposed pump station of Shuangwangcheng...

Authors: Hui Chung Hsueh, Zue Chin Chang, Chang Ching You, C. B. Lin

Abstract: Abstract: This investigation develops a novel method for fabricating silver chloride films by the heterogeneous precipitation of sodium...

Authors: Ying Jun Li, Gui Cong Wang, Chang Chun Li, Chang Sheng Ai

Abstract: In this paper, the pre-tightening force on piezoelectric multi-dimensional force sensor is researched. Structure of multi-dimensional force...

Authors: Xu Yue Hu, Lin Kai Lv, Xiao Xiong Shen, Qing Song Zhang, Yan Li

Abstract: The mathematical model of ship maneuvering is the core of the ship maneuvering off-line simulation system, it establishes three degrees of...


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