Materials and Computational Mechanics

Volumes 117-119

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Kausala Mylvaganam, Liang Chi Zhang

Abstract: Mono-crystalline silicon experiences various phase transformations under different loading conditions. This paper reveals, with the aid of...

Authors: Ming Lu Zhang, Yi Ren Yang, Li Lu, Chen Guang Fan

Abstract: Large eddy simulation (LES) was made to solve the flow around two simplified CRH2 high speed trains passing by each other at the same speed...

Authors: Ling Ren, De Hong Xia

Abstract: The Reynolds-Orr energy equation is generalized to include the velocity slip effect at the walls, for investigating the energy gain or loss...

Authors: Bing Bing Li, Liang Wang, De Sun

Abstract: Fumed Silica was modified with hexamethyldisiazane (HMDZ, modifier) and dimethyldiethoxysilane (DMDEOS, co-modifier) by grafting method. The...

Authors: Yu Rong Zhou, Zheng You He

Abstract: The vibrational resonance (VR) and stochastic resonance (SR) phenomena in time-delayed FitzHugh-Nagumo (FHN) neural model, driven by one...

Authors: Bo Xue Hu, Jian Ren Zhang, Xin Feng Yin, Hui Peng

Abstract: Based on the investigation of vehicle loads, the model of the random dense vehicle load was simulated, and three different degree dense...

Authors: Chun Yi Cui, Zhong Tao Wang, Jian Huang

Abstract: For its construction convenience and structure integrity, cofferdams are widely employed in port engineering. Past experience has shown that...

Authors: Dong Mei Wang, Du Fang Shi, Xi Lei Li, Jian Dong, Chun Hui Wang, Shan Guang Chen

Abstract: This study was designed to compare the biomechanical effects of three posterior fixations for thoracolumbar burst fractures using the finite...

Authors: Yu Rong Zhou, Chong Qiu Fang

Abstract: stochastic resonance; time-delayed Logistic growth model; signal-to-noise ratio Abstract. The stochastic resonance in a time-delayed...

Authors: Qiang Gao, Yao Hu Shi

Abstract: A gas-solid flow model of transmission line surrounded by sand storm is built. Numerical simulation under different velocity, different sand...


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