Materials and Computational Mechanics

Volumes 117-119

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shan Shan Hao, Xin Xi, Shu Ying Qu, Wen Pu Shi

Abstract: This article introduces interval factors involved in material mechanics, and it also has many problems of interval parameters. Compressive...

Authors: Juan Xia Zhang, Xian Zhang Guo, Sheng Guang Zhuo, Chun An Tang

Abstract: A numerical test code named RFPA (Realistic Failure Process Analysis) was used to investigate the stress filed transformation process of the...

Authors: Cang Hai Zhang, Jun Wu Dai

Abstract: The Seismic excitation mode has been the hot and difficult topic both in engineering and academic field. This paper mainly discussed the...

Authors: Wan Peng Wang, Yong Le Hu, Xing Tao Ren, Yi Bo Xiong, Liang Ying

Abstract: In order to systematically study on dynamic mechanics character of granite, impact compression experiments and impact flattened Brazilian...

Authors: Xin Wang

Abstract: In order to obtain the Lower Muscle Strength Feature for Elite Speed Skaters in High Speed Gliding, this paper applied video analysis and...

Authors: Sheng Zhang, Xin Wen Li

Abstract: Based on the experimental and FEM analysis, it was discussed that the stress balance was not a necessary condition for determining rock...

Authors: Huai Yao, Guang Lin Zhu, Yong Zhi Wang

Abstract: As a surface technology, electroless plating is applied to almost every industry branch. To improve the wettability of SiC powder and metal,...

Authors: Xi Ran Wang, Jing Wu, Xin Gang Hu

Abstract: In this work, Fe-Zn coating on copper is obtained by electroless plating. The surface mor -phologies and composition of the coatings has...

Authors: Di Jia, Fu Zhen Pang, Xu Chao Yin, Ye Xi

Abstract: In this paper a vibration isolation mass structure with composite braces is proposed to reduce noise and vibration transmission through the...

Authors: Zhi Min Li

Abstract: New results of buckling and postbuckling analysis are presented for a shear deformable anisotropic laminated cylindrical shell of finite...


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