Applied Mechanics and Civil Engineering

Volume 137

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qing Li, Xiao Xiang Yang

Abstract: In this paper, the micromechanical finite element method based on Representative Volume Element has been applied to study and analyze the...

Authors: Lu Fu, Hong Wei Zhao, Yu Xiang Zhu, Qing Zou, Chun Yang Geng, Bo Zhao, Chang Sheng Liu

Abstract: The annual occurrence of hip fracture increases very rapidly, which cause a heavy public health burden. From a biomechanical perspective,...

Authors: Xin Li Bai, Ze Yu Wu, Wen Liang Ma, Dan Fei Wang

Abstract: Temperature field and stress field of a concrete slab in a ship lock chamber are calculated, considering the influence of layered casting....

Authors: Wei Zhang, Lu Feng Yang, Chuan Xiong Fu, Jian Wang

Abstract: Based on Melan’s theorem, an improved numerical solution procedure for evaluating shakedown loads by non-linear superposition method is...

Authors: Xiang Yang Jiang, Shi Long Yan, Wei Liu

Abstract: The study obtains the parameters of the formula of pressure caused by cylindrical charge’s explosive shock wave through experiments in a...

Authors: Yong Feng Du, Zhi Dan Lin, Qian Kun Zhu

Abstract: This paper investigates the failure modes of serially connected isolation system that the rubber bearing connected with the basement column,...

Authors: Bin Yang, Lihua Liu, Shao Kun Zhang

Abstract: Base on the principle of nonlinear calculation, the mechanical models and the method of models experiment, we have provided a numerical...

Authors: Chuan Yu Zhao, Pei Yan Huang, Hao Zhou, Xiao Hong Zheng

Abstract: Defects like surface crack often appear in steel structures. To ensure the structural integrity and security, the new material such as fiber...

Authors: Jin Wei Sun, Xiu Tao Fan, Xiao Zheng Wan, Shi Xuan Liu

Abstract: The motion performance of Spar platform and dynamic characteristics for the mooring lines under different mooring configurations have been...


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