Advances in Science and Engineering II

Volumes 135-136

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Sheng Zhang, Mei Jie Yang, Da Jiang Lei

Abstract: This paper proposes a novel clustering algorithm with the steady initial center based on the PAM algorithm. As the PAM algorithm arbitrarily...

Authors: Yi Min Tian

Abstract: Numeric scheme and numeric result was in this paper. First, We proposes a kind of explicit - implicit difference scheme to solve the initial...

Authors: Yan Chu, Yan Shao, Liang Chen

Abstract: After studying the advantages and disadvantages of existing wearable lower limb rehabilitation training robot product performance, by...

Authors: Hai Tao Min, Dong Jin Ye, Yuan Bin Yu

Abstract: This paper introduced the structure of Extended-Range Electric Vehicles as well as its characteristics. Principle researches have been...

Authors: Jian Wei Gu, Mei Wu

Abstract: There are lots of factors effect on weak gel flooding.This paper based on the conceptual model by changing the model parameters and using...

Authors: Lan Xia, Ting Ting Song

Abstract: As market competition intensifies, Price competition as the most common and effective way of market competition among operators is quite...

Authors: Zhang Jie Peng, Zhang Lin Peng, Ming Ming Wu

Abstract: M2M communications are capturing the attention of many stakeholders from application developers to mobile operators. Recent initiatives of...

Authors: Li Hua Liu, Zheng Jun Cao

Abstract: Unlike some earlier proxy re-encryption schemes, the LV08 scheme specifies a validity-checking process to guarantee that the received...

Authors: Wei Wang, Qing Feng Cheng

Abstract: In this paper, we analyze two ID-based authenticated key exchange (AKE) protocols in the eCK model. One is a two-party AKE protocol between...

Authors: Kai Yuan Meng, Peng Yang, Qing Nian Cao

Abstract: By analyzing the oilfield wireless monitoring system, the paper puts forward an oilfield monitoring system framework based on ZigBee...


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