Advances in Science and Engineering II

Volumes 135-136

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Kun Wang, Bao Yu Hu, Wei Qiang Chen, Xin Liu, De Yong Guan

Abstract: In order to promote the sound development of urban public transport industry, government administration needs to enhance quality supervision...

Authors: Wen Kui Xi, Xiao Yang Yuan

Abstract: The research of Service science, engineering and management (SSME) is depended on knowledge resources, and related to the process of...

Authors: Tao Jing, Hai Feng Yan, She Peng Ji

Abstract: As an important part of the asphalt pavement construction, quality control is directly related to the life of road. In view of the...

Authors: Hong Chen, Ji Biao Zhou, Juan Sun

Abstract: Considering the mixed traffic flow of current urban traffic condition in our country, the paper develops the CHANSIGNAL signal timing system...

Authors: Zhan She Yang

Abstract: The belt conveyor is the main transport equipments in coal field, and its controllable drive system directly impacts on the running safety...

Authors: Myeong Jun Lim, Jin Ho Cho, Young Sun Cho, Tae Seong Kim

Abstract: Human fall in the elderly population is one of the major causes of injury or bone fracture: it can be a cause of various injuries (e.g.,...

Authors: Yan Ping Luo, Li Xin Gao

Abstract: In this paper, we consider multi-agent H consensus control problems with external disturbance under the undirected switching...

Authors: Bao Xu, Yong Feng Ju

Abstract: In order to preserve the coverage and ensure the efficiency of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), a distributed coverage-hole repair algorithm...

Authors: Hong Ke Xu, Jian Wu Fang, Wei Song Yang, Shang Gao, Mao De Yan

Abstract: Based on the study on traffic flow characteristics of the intersection, and current signal timing model of intersection, this paper selected...

Authors: Chih Hao Liu, Jason Jen Yen Chen

Abstract: As the Web gradually evolves into the semantic web, the World Wide Web consortium (W3C) recommends that web ontology language (OWL) be used...


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