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Authors: Xian Jun Ge, Run Ze Li, Li Kui Chen, Xin Ming Zhang
Chapter 5: Information Technology
Abstract:Exact Method (EX) has been recently proposed to handle the dynamic sensor bias estimation based on the local track estimates at different...
Authors: Chen Yu Zhang, Kai Liu
Chapter 5: Information Technology
Abstract:Opportunistic spectrum sharing has become a promising approach to fully utilize the scarce spectrum resources. In this paper, we analyze the...
Authors: Miao Miao, Xue Qun Shang, Jia Cai Liu, Miao Wang
Chapter 5: Information Technology
Abstract:Biclustering is one of the important techniques for gene expression data analysis. A bicluster is a set of genes coherently expressed for a...
Authors: Jia Li, Juan Chang, Han Lin Qin
Chapter 6: Energy & Electronic
Abstract:Structured clouds and ground building background suppression are difficult problems for dim and small target detection technique. In this...
Authors: Ping Gong, Hui Jun Xie, Yu Peng Liu, Xing Cun Wu
Chapter 6: Energy & Electronic
Abstract:This paper use the methods of lapped transform to implement DSSS system narrowband interference suppression in lapped transform domain....
Authors: Li Xin Yang, Li Jun Zhang, Li Dong Guo, He Ming Jia
Chapter 6: Energy & Electronic
Abstract:This paper is concerned with the optimal estimation problem for multiple packet dropouts systems with colored measurement noise. Using the...
Authors: Wei Wen Zhou, Xiao Geng Liang
Chapter 6: Energy & Electronic
Abstract:An optimal guidance law for interception of ballistic missile during the boost phase is presented in this paper. The kinematics...
Authors: Biao Wang, Chang Qing Wang, Feng Ru
Chapter 6: Energy & Electronic
Abstract:For parameters don't fully know big system optimization problems, establish adaptive co-ordination optimization control system, applying...
Authors: Xi Wei Zhou, Gui Ping Wang, Chen Dong Duan, Chun Ling Wu
Chapter 6: Energy & Electronic
Abstract:The asynchronous induction motor has obtained more applications in electric vehicle (EV) or hybrid EV drive systems. But, the parameter’s...
Authors: Li Xun Zhang, Yin Xue Wang, Bing Bing Wang, Qian Deng, Hao Chen
Chapter 6: Energy & Electronic
Abstract:Path planning for mobile robot is a kernel problem in the robot technology area, with the characteristics of complexity, binding and...
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