Advances in Science and Engineering II

Volumes 135-136

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Rui Ying Zhao, Xin Wang

Abstract: A method of power adaptive control for hydraulic motor graders is provided, including the dynamic regulation methods of pump and motor and...

Authors: Qian Qian Liu, Hai Hong Xie, Xiong Huan Jin

Abstract: In order to explore railway freight transport potential, release productivity and alter transport developing mode, this paper proposes...

Authors: Hong Jun Li

Abstract: In order to make the Web services, web sites in Java more powerful and flexible, building unified web applications is vital important. By...

Authors: Yong Feng Ju, Le Zhao, Shang Gao

Abstract: With the rapid development of the urbanization, the problem of city transportation has been becoming the same issue to each big city in...

Authors: Xue Cun Yang, Yuan Bin Hou, Ling Hong Kong

Abstract: Aimed at the people localization in the underground mine, the bounding-inbox localization algorithm of wireless sensor networks based on...

Authors: Qing Wen Chang, Xiao Hong Shen, Juan Chang

Abstract: Doppler shift decreases the estimation accuracy of carrier frequency and may result in divergent estimation. It thus degrades the...

Authors: Zhi Sheng Zhao, Tao Jing, Hai Feng Yan, Xiong Zhang

Abstract: Non-uniformity of the asphalt pavement is one of most important reason for early disease, control of non-uniformity in the production...

Authors: Xu Dong Li, Zhou Lei

Abstract: It is known to all that the performance of Para-virtualization virtualization machine is much better than full virtualization machine's....

Authors: Ying Wang, Yu Qiang Cheng, Ji Hui Shi

Abstract: Semantic representation problems of computer programming questions are very common in computer contests. Ontology-based method can help to...

Authors: Cui Zhen Sun, Zhao Hua Zeng

Abstract: LTE is a long term evolution scheme of 3GPP, as a using extensively communication standards, it has higher data rate and higher quality....


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