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Authors: Yan Chu, Chun Hua Deng, Yan Shao, Hai Guang Wang
Chapter 7: Mechanical & Automation
Abstract:Space-time block code, as one of the space-time codes, greatly improves the performance in the cooperative wireless communication systems by...
Authors: Qing Hua Li
Chapter 7: Mechanical & Automation
Abstract:A structure of multi-layer spiral inductor having parallel and series branches of the metal strip was designed for fully-integrated DC-DC...
Authors: Yan Ming Pei, Yun Hong Liu
Chapter 7: Mechanical & Automation
Abstract:This streetlight monitoring system is aimed at preventing unnecessary energy wastage by applying the GSM (Global System for Mobile...
Authors: Chen Dong Duan, Yi Yan Liu, Qiang Gao
Chapter 7: Mechanical & Automation
Abstract:A new monitoring and diagnostics method using support vector data description (SVDD) is proposed which only needs samples under healthy...
Authors: Yong Mei Yang, Nai Quan Sun, Hong Ke Xu
Chapter 7: Mechanical & Automation
Abstract:In order to improve the safety of driving under different visibility meteorological conditions on the expressway, this paper analyses the...
Authors: Ji Quan Yu, Wan Tao Qian, Xin Gang He
Chapter 7: Mechanical & Automation
Abstract:PAC(programmable automation controller) is a new trend of the industrial controller, but for now, most IDEs(integrated development...
Authors: Shou Feng Jin, Yong Biao Hu
Chapter 7: Mechanical & Automation
Abstract:The construction machinery moving speed is an essential variable to identify its attractive performance. To realize construction machinery...
Authors: Chang Bao Wen, Yong Feng Ju, Li Liu, Ya Fei Jiang, Chen Zhao, Li Min Wen, Yan Ming Li
Chapter 7: Mechanical & Automation
Abstract:In the design process of surface acoustic wave (SAW) device based on multistrip coupler (MSC), the characteristics of interdigital transducer...
Authors: Jie Xu, Juan Chang, Lian Zhang, Yong Sun
Chapter 7: Mechanical & Automation
Abstract:Secure communication with the hyper-chaos synchronization approach is the popular investigation. In this paper the fifth-order Cellular...
Authors: Yong Qi Wang, Hai Rong Gu, Chang Ming Li
Chapter 7: Mechanical & Automation
Abstract:Reducing start and stop time is important in enhancing productivity of double roller and compact quality of asphalt pavement, but it is...
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