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Authors: Yin Ping Jiang, Shan Liu, Yun Hua Yang
Chapter 6: Energy & Electronic
Abstract:At present, the energy crisis is increasingly serious. Energy-saving becomes a practical issues faced by all fields in the life. Considering...
Authors: Fei Liu, Qing Dong Yan, Shou Wen Yao
Chapter 6: Energy & Electronic
Abstract:The necessity of constructing a virtual assembly platform for vehicle transmission is discussed in this paper. Based on function requirement...
Authors: Bao Fu Yu, Zhi Kang Wang, Xian Fang, Zhi Qian Ye
Chapter 6: Energy & Electronic
Abstract:Personalized content management system (PCMS) is an information management and sharing platforms, which is personalized, stable, efficient...
Authors: Yun Lan, Sheng Peng Liu, Hai Zhong Sun, Ke Yun Su
Chapter 6: Energy & Electronic
Abstract:A risk index system influencing network reliability is built up, based on the overall analysis on the reliability risk factors of...
Authors: Qin Kun Xiao, Xiao Xia Hu, Song Gao
Chapter 6: Energy & Electronic
Abstract:In this paper, a new materials image retrieval methodology based on dynamic Bayesian network (DBN) is proposed to overcome certain drawbacks...
Authors: Jin Ping Chen, Yong Feng Ju, Yu Yao He
Chapter 6: Energy & Electronic
Abstract:Harmonic minimization in PWM inverters is a complex optimization problem which involves non-linear transcendental equations having multiple...
Authors: Wen Hui Chen, Xin Xi Meng, Xiao Min Liu
Chapter 6: Energy & Electronic
Abstract:In order to process and analyze the signal of frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) radar, a radar semi-physical simulation(RSPS) system...
Authors: Hui Wang
Chapter 6: Energy & Electronic
Abstract:Service has emerged as the major element of the modern world’s economies, especially in the ICT industry. But the theory of service science...
Authors: Chuan Chuan Wang, Chang Qing Zhu, Zhi Feng Gu
Chapter 7: Mechanical & Automation
Abstract:In order to research the crosstalk of multiconductor cable’s different core lines, based on finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method, the...
Authors: Ming Fei Xia, Yong Chuan Wang, Gui Zhou Lv
Chapter 7: Mechanical & Automation
Abstract:In recent years, single-carrier system has again become an interesting and complementary alternative to multi-carrier system such as...
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