Advances in Science and Engineering II

Volumes 135-136

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Guan Shan Hu, Hai Rong Xiao

Abstract: Under the condition that the nonlinearity of ship steering model is considered and the assumption that the parameters of the model are...

Authors: Yuan Peng Gong, Xiang Qian Ding, Xiao Dong Wang, Meng Yu

Abstract: With the continuous progress and development of society , people's incomes increase greatly, and more attention is paid to improve the...

Authors: Cheng Li Zheng, Dong Dong Huang

Abstract: The high frequency of financial crises make the risk management of financial asset become the focus of the financial investors and scholars....

Authors: Heng Tao Zhou, Yong Wei

Abstract: With a thermo gravimetric analysis apparatus combustion characteristics experiments of coal residue cornstalk and mixtures of them were done...

Authors: Jin Jiang Liu, Mei He, Hong Ke Xu, Qi Wang, Yong Mei Yang

Abstract: In order to study the rapid and efficient identified method of accident-prone section in montane highway, the method of principal component...

Authors: Lu You, Han Xu

Abstract: This article has designed a hypothesized outdoor landscape roaming based on 3dsmax and virtools hypothesized landscape roaming method study...

Authors: Gui Li Guo, Chong Shan Ran

Abstract: In this paper, we used web Service Bridge to solve the ASP.NET AJAX client cannot directly invoke the remote web service problem caused by...

Authors: Mei Hong Zhao, Jian Ping Ren

Abstract: In order to implement Exam-Integrating system with the function of auto generating papers, in this paper, we propose a program which...

Authors: Ya Qin Fan, Meng Guo, Chao Sun

Abstract: In order to better meet the government, enterprises, schools and other units of information transmission of the security and...

Authors: Jin Zi Zheng, Jun Liu

Abstract: Due to the particularity of railway luggage & package shipping organization and large requirement of luggage & package shipping, the...


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