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Authors: Jian Ping Ren, Mei Hong Zhao
Chapter 7: Mechanical & Automation
Abstract:In order to implement software automated test on the application of .NET form class, in this paper, we propose a program that builds...
Authors: Wen Hui Yang, Zun Yu Hu, Fang Miao, Xiao Peng Leng
Chapter 7: Mechanical & Automation
Abstract:In order to meet the efficient use of location services which the user needs, the system of the route back to show has a vital role, and G/S...
Authors: Yi Yan Liu, Shuan Hai He, Yong Feng Ju, Chen Dong Duan
Chapter 7: Mechanical & Automation
Abstract:Due to lack of typical damage samples in the transformer fault diagnosis, a new fault diagnosis method based on fuzzy support vector machines...
Authors: Qiang Wang, Jian Sun, Jian Xiu Xiao
Chapter 7: Mechanical & Automation
Abstract:In this paper, a new controller of the pitch angle of the wind turbine is designed based on particle swarm optimizing clonal...
Authors: Ya Qin Fan, Sheng Sheng Qian, Feng Shan Liang
Chapter 7: Mechanical & Automation
Abstract:In order to authenticate users and to strictly control the only authorized users can access VPN address and biling functions to provide audit...
Authors: Qian Yu Xu, Yu Qin, Juan Li, Hui Hui Zheng, Fa Wu Yang
Chapter 8: Other Applications
Abstract:The dynamic weighing technology is multi-domain comprehensive technology, including the mechanics of materials, dynamics, the technology of...
Authors: Li Mei Dong
Chapter 8: Other Applications
Abstract:AT89S52 microcontroller was the center controler for wireless temperature measurement and alarm system, through temperature measurement...
Authors: Ping Huang, Hui Yuan Xing, Xian Ju Yang, Pei Xiang Yan, Tian Lei Zhao, Zuo Cheng Xing
Chapter 8: Other Applications
Abstract:Power gating has become a popular technique to reduce the ever-increasing leakage power for commercial microprocessors or SoCs, however the...
Authors: Jia Chen Wang, Min Cang Fu
Chapter 8: Other Applications
Abstract:In this paper, TRANC-a transmission rate adaption network coding protocol for wireless mesh network is proposed. We investigate the...
Authors: Jin Wang, Zhao Hui Li, Dong Mei Li, Yu Wang
Chapter 8: Other Applications
Abstract:In the paper, a new spatio-temporal segmentation algorithm is proposed to extract moving objects from video sequences, the sequences were...
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