Advances in Science and Engineering II

Volumes 135-136

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Feng Ju, Xiao Wei Wei

Abstract: Short-traffic flow forecasting is an important part of ITS, and its accuracy and real-time is directly related to the effect of traffic...

Authors: Long Hua Yang, Dan Ning Zhang

Abstract: The flagship firm in the supply chain integrates resources through SCM (Supply chain Management), optimizing the information flow,logistics...

Authors: Na Ding, Jiao Bo Gao, Jun Wang

Abstract: In this paper, we developed an infrared polarization imaging system. The system is composed of imaging lens, IR polarizing filter, medium...

Authors: Guan Shan Hu, Hai Rong Xiao

Abstract: Given the uncertainty of parameters and the random nature of disturbance, a ship motion, is a complicated control problem. This paper has...

Authors: Xu Hao, Yi Yun Huang

Abstract: The power supply system of the LHCD heating systems of Tokamak (EAST) is required to be reliable and have good dynamic performances. In this...

Authors: Qin Xian Liu, Wei Lv, Wei Bing Bao

Abstract: The output signal of pressure sensor installed in the dynamic weighing system for loader contains strong vibration, noise, nonlinear signal....

Authors: Wen Bo Wang, Lei Wang

Abstract: With the development of economy, the acceleration of urbanization and the promotion of living standards, power users have put forward higher...

Authors: Kong De He, Zi Fan Fang, Da Lin Zhu, Wei Hua Yang

Abstract: This paper aimed at the phenomenon of swing which caused by inertia force and outer loads when gantry crane worked, the dynamical equation...

Authors: Ge Fu Liang, Da Lian Pang, Xiao Na Cui

Abstract: Critical Success Factors can be changed with the difference of industry, environment, business strategy, lifecycle of system, identification...

Authors: Xu Hao, Yi Yun Huang

Abstract: The steady-state and transient performances of the power supply system of LHCD (Lower Hybrid Current Drive) heating system are highly...


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