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Authors: Jin Hai Zhang
Chapter 6: Energy & Electronic
Abstract:Fingerprint recognition has wide application prospect in all fields which contain identity authentication. Construction of accurate and...
Authors: Qiang Guo, Ying Liu, Ran Ran Fu
Chapter 6: Energy & Electronic
Abstract:The consistency of the meaning of data in data warehouse is a key factor that affects the applications based on the data warehouse. In this...
Authors: Yan Chu, Hai Guang Wang, Chun Hua Deng, Yan Shao
Chapter 6: Energy & Electronic
Abstract:This article, aiming at the problem of simulating a RIA (radioimmunoassay analysis) curve by function, analyzes the difference among four...
Authors: Y.X. Yu, L.Y. Wang
Chapter 6: Energy & Electronic
Abstract:An important research of information retrieval technology is how to express the intention of users accurately and make a sensible judgment on...
Authors: Jun Jin, Chun Xiao Fan, Yue Xin Wu
Chapter 6: Energy & Electronic
Abstract:Cloud computing as a new model of information technology, which is emerging as computing concept that promises provision of computational...
Authors: Jian Bin Liu, Tie Qiang Li
Chapter 6: Energy & Electronic
Abstract:UML, as an international standard, is not suitable for static modeling of the program procedure. While Procedure Blueprint is a visual...
Authors: Dong Dong Zhu, Jia Ming He, Zhi Hui Shi
Chapter 6: Energy & Electronic
Abstract:With the rapid increase of mobile phone, people’s requirements of entertainment have become higher and higher, the demand for the game is the...
Authors: Hong Ke Xu, Chao Cai, Hao Chen, Jian Wu Fang, Shu Guang Li
Chapter 6: Energy & Electronic
Abstract:Aiming at regulating the toll evasion behaviors in highway weight charges and reducing charge disputes caused by jumping, this article...
Authors: Yong Feng Ju, Hui Chen
Chapter 6: Energy & Electronic
Abstract:This paper proposed a new Ad Hoc dynamic routing algorithm, which based on ant-colony algorithm in order to reasonably extend the dynamic...
Authors: Mei Xiao, Guo Hua Liu
Chapter 6: Energy & Electronic
Abstract:MATLAB is a powerful tool for data processing. This paper focused on how to enhance the efficiency of scientific computation in seismic data...
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