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Authors: Ke Qin, Zhi Yuan Li
Chapter 6: Energy & Electronic
Abstract:Neighborhood based broadcasting methods for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs) is a kind of simple and efficient broadcasting methods. Many...
Authors: Dai You Jiang
Chapter 6: Energy & Electronic
Abstract:This paper introduces the concept of pervasive computing, architecture, outlines the key technology of pervasive computing, including:...
Authors: Biao Wang, Chang Qing Wang, Feng Ru, Xiao Lan Ma
Chapter 6: Energy & Electronic
Abstract:According to precise servo tracking system, proposes the establishment iterating control structure mode correspond to Taylor’s approximation...
Authors: Xiao Yu Zhao, Ai Guo Cheng, Zhi Hua Zhong
Chapter 6: Energy & Electronic
Abstract:Based on the theory of diffusion, dynamic market environment is incorporated in the classical Bass diffusion model. The model which assumes...
Authors: Zheng Yu Chen, Geng Yang, Guo Hua Li, Jian Xu
Chapter 6: Energy & Electronic
Abstract:The main goal of data-aggregation algorithms in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) is to gather and aggregate data in an energy efficient manner...
Authors: Fei Hu Hu, Jie Jiang, Xiao Ning Wu, Feng Ru
Chapter 6: Energy & Electronic
Abstract:In this paper, we propose a set of reduction rules of graphical representation in a workflow process model called RTWD net. The concept of...
Authors: Bei Bei Song, Na Wei
Chapter 6: Energy & Electronic
Abstract:The pavement image has three features: the background has similar statistical properties; cracks have less brightness than the background;...
Authors: Zhi Xia Zhang, Di Wu
Chapter 6: Energy & Electronic
Abstract:The safety of the pipeline in use is tightly linked with the resident life and belongings. Reliable structural integrity and safety of gas...
Authors: Li Min Wen, Chang Bao Wen, Yan Ming Li
Chapter 6: Energy & Electronic
Abstract:The positioning accuracy can bring a great impact on inspecting defect for Aero-engine blade. The high or low pressure rotor of engine is...
Authors: Li Min Wen, Chang Bao Wen, Yan Ming Li
Chapter 6: Energy & Electronic
Abstract:RT(X-Radiography Testing) is a very import inspection method for detecting engine blade crack, and the defect is identified by person...
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