Advances in Science and Engineering II

Volumes 135-136

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Authors: Xiao Wei Hou, Shi Bin Liu, Jie Chang
Abstract: The main function of the substrate is to sustain and improve the performance of the thin-film. The property and surface configuration of the substrate material have a huge influence on the characteristics of the thin-film. Fabrication of substrate for the micro-transformer can choose a variety of materials, including the silicon, metal, glass, quartz, ceramics, plastics, polymer, etc. Different materials used as substrate have different effects on voltage gain and insertion loss of the transformer. At present, the silicon is used in most cases for its excellent properties. However, it is increasingly found that there exists some problems to gain better performance, such as the parasitic effect. And so, to employ other materials is essential. This paper discusses the effects induced by using different substrate materials. Through the analysis, a general cognition about how to choose the materials can be obtained, which is helpful to design and fabrication of the micro-transformer.
Authors: Jung Hsing Chen, Kuen Sheng Wang, Dinh Hieu Vu
Abstract: This study investigates the characteristics of an anaerobic fermentation for hydrogen yield, using sewage sludge and simulated food residues as substrates inoculate with cow manure. The moisture content was controlled at less than 80% to promote the concentration of substrates and minimize the generation of fermentation liquid, thus eliminate the subsequent treatment problem. The effects of fermentation temperature on hydrogen yield were characterized by batch fermentation between 50°C and 75°C, separated by 5°C increments. The results indicate that the 60 oC batch showed specific hydrogen yield and specific hydrogen conversion rate were relatively high, 39 mL-H2/g-VS and 4.00 g-H2/g-H of VS%, respectively. However, the average hydrogen generation rate, measured around the exponential growth phase of the batch, occurred at 65 oC batch. Furthermore, in fermentation experiments with mixed substrates at 60 oC and 65 oC series, both have an optimum mix ratio by weight, the ratio of sludge, simulated food residues and cow manure were found to be 2 : 1 : 1. Herein 60 oC series has higher cumulative volume than 65 oC series in this study. Pretreatment of the fermentation substrates by acid, alkali, heating, and agitation may affect the hydrogen fermentation characteristics. The results indicate except acid treatment poor for it, the others can enhance the hydrogen yield.
Authors: Xiao Fei Li, Xin Quan Ge, Chun Hua Jin
Abstract: Through the empirical research on the relation between the quantity and the profits of the enterprises in the mobile phone design service industry from 2002 to 2007, the concept of technology – products life cycle curve is proposed, and the effects of the technical communication on the life cycle of the products are analyzed based on the analysis of the technical features of various phases.
Authors: Jia Ji Zhou, De Sheng Kong, Jie Yue He
Abstract: Network motifs are subnetworks that appear in the network far more frequently than in randomized networks. They have gathered much attention for uncovering structural design principles of complex networks. One of the previous approaches for motif detection is sampling method, in- troduced to perform the computational challenging task. However, it suffers from sampling bias and probability assignment. In addition, subgraph search, being very time-consuming, is a critical process in motif detection as we need to enumerate subgraphs of given sizes in the original input graph and an ensemble of random generated graphs. Therefore, we present a Degree-based Sampling Method with Partition-based Subgraph Finder for larger motif detection. Inspired by the intrinsic feature of real biological networks, Degree-based Sampling is a new solution for probability assignment based on degree. And, Partition-based Subgraph Finder takes its inspiration from the idea of partition, which improves computational efficiency and lowers space consumption. Experimental study on UETZ and E.COLI data set shows that the proposed method achieves more accuracy and efficiency than previous methods and scales better with increasing subgraph size.
Authors: Chun Liang Zhang
Abstract: After the analysis of gas flow, energy consumption is mainly in the process of heating gas pipeline and natural gas throttle. For this problem, this paper, heat transfer, thermodynamics, computational fluid dynamics are used, the pipeline throttling, convection of natural gas in the pipe and the heat transfer between the gas, wall panels, heating cable, insulation, soil and the atmosphere are all considered, thermal analysis model between the wellhead and the gas gathering station is established, the electric heating power on the gas pipeline is optimized, the optimal electric heating power can be calculated when the temperature of wellhead and gas gathering station is expected to reach are known. The effect of tube diameter, gas volume, surface temperature on the heating power is analyzed.
Authors: Gang Zhang, Shan Hong Zhan, Chun Ru Wang, Liang Lun Cheng
Abstract: Ensemble pruning searches for a selective subset of members that performs as well as, or better than ensemble of all members. However, in the accuracy / diversity pruning framework, generalization ability of target ensemble is not considered, and moreover, there is not clear relationship between them. In this paper, we proof that ensemble formed by members of better generalization ability is also of better generalization ability. We adopt learning with both labeled and unlabeled data to improve generalization ability of member learners. A data dependant kernel determined by a set of unlabeled points is plugged in individual kernel learners to improve generalization ability, and ensemble pruning is launched as much previous work. The proposed method is suitable for both single-instance and multi-instance learning framework. Experimental results on 10 UCI data sets for single-instance learning and 4 data sets for multi-instance learning show that subensemble formed by the proposed method is effective.
Authors: Yong Biao Hu, Ming Rui Tian
Abstract: The traditional process of asphalt concrete entrucking operation is analyzed, and the machine vision technology is applied to study the method of auto-entrucking. In experiment, the height and the repose angle of asphalt concrete stack in the van are detected through image processing and camera calibration, and their empirical expression is established by regression analysis to describe the variation rules of the repose angle. Also, some principal problems to be solved in the application are simply discussed. Finally, the stacks volume of three typical operating states are calculated, and the experimental results indicate that the relative error do not exceed 8.957%, which show that the proposed method can lay the basis for the model of stack volume and the displacement calculation of the truck further.
Authors: Zi Yi Liang, Xin Nan Qu, Xiang Hui Zhao
Abstract: In order to solve the problem of traffic jams, this paper presents a solution about traffic signals area control system based on ZigBee wireless sensor network. The basic idea is to connect the area's traffic lights through ZigBee wireless sensor network according to the traffic flow during a time period where the system located. The command center coordinates and controls the length of the green signal, period and the time of the green signal on all roads through the ZigBee wireless sensor network, so that the motor vehicles which move from corresponding two-way intersections could get through with less red signal. The solution adopts TI's CC2430 RF transceiver chip and analog front-end chip CC2591 and some external circuits to design the hardware circuit of sensor nodes and the central control nodes. Then designs the applications about sensor nodes, central control nodes and management software of control center, which based on the ZigBee protocol stack. Test results show that the performance of the system, such as stability, response speed, could meet the actual demand. It can obviously improve the highway capacity.
Authors: Dong Li Song, Wei Hua Zhang, Ping He
Abstract: Reliability analysis of structure fatigue has two assignments: a. To forecast lifetime of the structure on given reliability level, b. To evaluate reliability level of the structure on given service conditions, material features and designing dimensions. It aims at evaluating the structure’s designing quality and providing a basis for designing improvement or manufacturing. At mean time, it provides instruction to updating management by parameter of failure rate under given fatigue lifetime.Lastly, in form of tables, this paper presents the predicting results of fatigue lifetime of pantograph V500 based on different reliability levels at 500km/h and the predicting results of reliability level of Pantograph V500 under lifetime of 1,200,000km which provide direction of design, manufacturing and general management for Pantograph V500.
Authors: Yuan Bin Hou, Ning Li, Fan Guo, Jing Chen
Abstract: Aiming random and nonlinearity for conveyance machine of rubber belt in mine, a method of fault diagnosis is presented which fusion of fuzzy theory and support vector machine (FSVM). According to the coal mine safety rules of the regulation, the conveyance machine servicing are deduced eleven faults after analyzing practice statistic data, here, we consider some are fuzzy that the statistic data are divided to the normal kind or fault kind, but some are definite that the statistic data possibility are belong to same kind fault, accordingly, the fuzzy support vectors is established. Farther, two kernel functions of FSVM is made for seeking the problem of random and nonlinearity, which are RBF and TANH. According to the random statistic data and the study sample, analyzing the effect of expense and kernel function in selecting different parameters, the unitary constant is ascertained, next, the FSVM kernel function of fault diagnosis multi-class rules are established, then, this method availability is proved using test data and simulation.

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