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Authors: Xiao Wei Hou, Shi Bin Liu, Jie Chang
Chapter 4: Image Processing & Modeling of Materials
Abstract:The main function of the substrate is to sustain and improve the performance of the thin-film. The property and surface configuration of the...
Authors: Jung Hsing Chen, Kuen Sheng Wang, Dinh Hieu Vu
Chapter 4: Image Processing & Modeling of Materials
Abstract:This study investigates the characteristics of an anaerobic fermentation for hydrogen yield, using sewage sludge and simulated food residues...
Authors: Xiao Fei Li, Xin Quan Ge, Chun Hua Jin
Chapter 5: Information Technology
Abstract:Through the empirical research on the relation between the quantity and the profits of the enterprises in the mobile phone design service...
Authors: Jia Ji Zhou, De Sheng Kong, Jie Yue He
Chapter 5: Information Technology
Abstract:Network motifs are subnetworks that appear in the network far more frequently than in randomized networks. They have gathered much attention...
Authors: Chun Liang Zhang
Chapter 5: Information Technology
Abstract:After the analysis of gas flow, energy consumption is mainly in the process of heating gas pipeline and natural gas throttle. For this...
Authors: Gang Zhang, Shan Hong Zhan, Chun Ru Wang, Liang Lun Cheng
Chapter 5: Information Technology
Abstract:Ensemble pruning searches for a selective subset of members that performs as well as, or better than ensemble of all members. However, in the...
Authors: Yong Biao Hu, Ming Rui Tian
Chapter 5: Information Technology
Abstract:The traditional process of asphalt concrete entrucking operation is analyzed, and the machine vision technology is applied to study the...
Authors: Zi Yi Liang, Xin Nan Qu, Xiang Hui Zhao
Chapter 5: Information Technology
Abstract:In order to solve the problem of traffic jams, this paper presents a solution about traffic signals area control system based on ZigBee...
Authors: Dong Li Song, Wei Hua Zhang, Ping He
Chapter 5: Information Technology
Abstract:Reliability analysis of structure fatigue has two assignments: a. To forecast lifetime of the structure on given reliability level, b. To...
Authors: Yuan Bin Hou, Ning Li, Fan Guo, Jing Chen
Chapter 5: Information Technology
Abstract:Aiming random and nonlinearity for conveyance machine of rubber belt in mine, a method of fault diagnosis is presented which fusion of fuzzy...
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