Advances in Science and Engineering II

Volumes 135-136

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Nai Quan Sun

Abstract: As building material, Granite has been extensively used. It is important to clear the geochemical characteristics of granites. The paper...

Authors: Wei Guo, Hong Xu, Tong Yang, Yi Wang

Abstract: In recent years, environmental protection equipment industry has developed rapidly in china, but there are still many problems to be solved....

Authors: Guang Juan Fan, Yue Jun Zhao

Abstract: Take the example of the PⅠ3 sublayers of the Twelve-section in the Xing region of the Daqing oilfield, in this paper, to analysis...

Authors: Yang Sen Zhang, Gai Juan Huang

Abstract: In this paper, we have designed and realized a efficient full-text retrieval system for the basic annotation People's Daily Corpus based on...

Authors: Nai Quan Sun, Yong Mei Yang, Rui Jing Dong

Abstract: Near earth surface can be seen as viscoelastic medium. It’s important to collect VSP seismic signal in near-surface.This paper proposed plan...

Authors: Chao Liang Si, Cheng Qiang Xu, Guang Qian Chu

Abstract: This paper introduces a new frequency synthesizer scheme –Nested-mixer DDS driving PLL frequency synthesizer. It is a dual loop topology....

Authors: Hong Ke Xu, Hang Yan, Chao Cai, Shu Guang Li, Mao De Yan

Abstract: The present traffic controllers are most run in 2,3 or 4 phase mode at single point intersections, but the transition of different phase...

Authors: Nan Li, Jing Guo, Hong Shan Nie, Wei Yi, Hai Jun Liu, Hui Xu

Abstract: This paper presented the design of a novel embedded bio-impedance analyzer based on digital auto-balancing bridge method. The hardware...

Authors: Yi Jing Chen, Hong Yang Zan, Wen Gui Li

Abstract: In view of the natural gas leakage monitoring status, a distributed monitoring system is designed based on CAN bus, which is composed of...

Authors: Nguyen Ngoc Tuan, Shir Ly Huang

Abstract: Methanogens play an important role to carbon cycling, catalyzing the production of methane and carbon dioxide, both potent green house...


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