Advances in Science and Engineering II

Volumes 135-136

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Biao Wang, Chang Qing Wang, Feng Ru, Xiao Lan Ma

Abstract: Multiple has accused of unknown parameter optimization problems of implementation of the object. Containing identification link should...

Authors: Peng Sheng Gu, Jia Ming He, Ling Hui Fan

Abstract: For the limited calculation of mobile device, the difficulty of finding big prime number and the complexity of RSA exponential modular...

Authors: Lin An Li, Ming Tang, Wen Ou, Yang Hong

Abstract: In this paper, an all CMOS current reference circuit which generates a reference current independent of PVT (Process, supply Voltage, and...

Authors: Yuan Ning Liang, Zhe Chen

Abstract: Aiming at the deficiency of research on reliability evaluation of Web Services composition models, basing on the theories and methods of...

Authors: Hui Yong Yuan, Ze Ping Liu, Si Qing Yang

Abstract: One critical issue in wireless sensor networks is how to gather sensed information in an energy-efficient way since the energy is a scarce...

Authors: Xing Cun Wu, Ping Gong, Hai Jun Song, Hui Zhi Zou

Abstract: Acquisition time of precision ranging code is long under the conditions of large Doppler shift, the carrier frequency domain FFT-based fast...

Authors: Hui Meng, Xu Qian

Abstract: Proxy multi-signature is an extension of the basic proxy signature primitive, and permits two or more entities to delegate their signing...

Authors: Shiro Uesugi, Masashi Ueda, Yoshikazu Ujikane

Abstract: Managing identity is an issue that has been dealt with in various contexts. This paper explores the problem in identity management from the...

Authors: Rui Liu, Xiao Ping Tian

Abstract: Image scrambling is an important technique in digital image encryption and digital image watermarking. This paper proposes a new image...

Authors: Zhi Guo Yang, Ying Li, Gong Ping Yang

Abstract: Fingerprint segmentation is an important step in an automatic fingerprint recognition system. Due to applications of various sensors,...


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