Applied Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering II

Volumes 138-139

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu E Ma, Li Ning Wang, Bao Qi Liu

Abstract: In this work, Compact-Tension (C(T)) specimens with transverse welds in the sample centre were designed. The residual stress distributions...

Authors: Yu E Ma, Bao Qi Liu, Zhen Qiang Zhao

Abstract: Al-Li alloy 2198-T8 was used in the fuselage application. Integral fuselage panels were joined by double friction stir welds. Fatigue tests...

Authors: Feng Qi Wu, Hai Xiang Xu, Xiao Ying Tang, Zhong Jian Yu

Abstract: Based on the actual crane accident occurring in strange cases, the calculating process is that the reel bearing seat model based on ADAMS is...

Authors: Yi Chu Yuan, Bei Zhi Li, Zhen Xin Zhou, Qiang Zhang

Abstract: Engineering ceramic machining would bring out several kinds of surface damage owing to its hard and brittle nature. In this paper, a...

Authors: Hai Xia Zhang, Yu Feng Bai, Yue Jing Lv

Abstract: It is signality for the Yangtse River estuary fine sand filling the highway subgrade which accounting for the lacking of filler and...

Authors: Feng Xiang You, Fei Zhang, Buo Lei Zuo

Abstract: The geometric parameters of the composite laminate in the engineering structure tend to have random properties. It is of great significance...

Authors: Qin Shi, An Ping Qiu, Su Yan, Rui Feng

Abstract: The double-mass silicon micro gyroscope prototype, mechanical structure and working principle are introduced, which has high sesitivity....

Authors: Yin Zhu She, Ming Lv, Shi Ying Wang

Abstract: In the machining of ultrasonic gear honing, gear’s dynamic characteristics have a significant impact on the designing of vibration system...

Authors: Liang Liang Du, Xiong Hua Wu

Abstract: Natural boundary integral method is applied to deal with plate problems defined in irregular domains. We divide the solution into two parts,...

Authors: Wen Ting Shao, Xiong Hua Wu

Abstract: In this paper, we combined the Fourier cosine series and differential quadrature method (DQM) in barycentric form to develop a new method...


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