Applied Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering II

Volumes 138-139

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shan Qing Li, Hong Yuan

Abstract: The Green quasifunction method (GQM) is applied to solve the bending problem of clamped orthotropic thin plates with trapezoidal boundary...

Authors: Hai Jun Wu, Da Long Li, Shu Ren Zhu, Feng Lei Huang

Abstract: The stress-strain curves of glass-fiber reinforced silica aerogels (GRSA) are obtained by carrying out the quasi-static and split Hopkinson...

Authors: Chang Xian Cheng, Jian Hua Yan

Abstract: The electricity changing models for the energy supply of electric vehicles are described and introduced. A more suitable method of fast...

Authors: Bo Jian Yu, Xin Nian Li, Xu Feng Jiang

Abstract: In this paper, the principles of modern emission spectrography technique was described and the analytical process and characteristics of it...

Authors: Ning Li, Wei Zeng Chen

Abstract: The amorphous formation mechanism was studied from the viewpoint of the crystallography. The experimental results showed that the...

Authors: Ba Sheng Ouyang, Run Juan You

Abstract: Cladding experiment with parameter variations was presented to manufacture the better processing property coating by laser cladding...

Authors: Zhan Guo Wei, Xu Feng Cheng, Jin Hao Liu

Abstract: ROPS is an effective way to reduce casualty rate in the rolling accident. This paper introduces the design of a cab to strengthen...

Authors: Xiao Mei He, Chu Sheng Liu

Abstract: A vibration test and modal analysis has been completed, in order to improve the use reliability and extend service life of the large...

Authors: An Long, Rui Ge, Yi Sheng Zhang, Xing Wei

Abstract: To solve the problem of part’s section thinning easily occurred in hot press forming, the numerical simulation model of hot press forming...

Authors: X.Q. Cao, J.W. Wang, Y. Liu, Cheng Zhong Chi, L.C. Li, Hong Xia Wang

Abstract: The effect of forming temperature on the deep drawability (limit drawing ratio (LDR)) of AZ31 magnesium alloy sheet was studied both...


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