Applied Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering II

Volumes 138-139

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Guo Qin Gao, Hai Bin Zheng, Xue Mei Niu

Abstract: This paper addresses the motion control of the parallel mechanism of virtual axis machine tool, which has a complex system model, the...

Authors: Chong Wang, Zhi Hong Zhang, Tao Miao, Jun Yao, Liao Yuan Zhang, Ke Chen

Abstract: On the basis of the differential equation governing small flexure of thin elastic vibrating plate, the formula for calculating the phase...

Authors: Li Hai Chen, Qing Zhen Yang, Jin Hui Cui

Abstract: Genetic algorithm (GA) is improved with fast non-dominated sort approach and crowded comparison operator. A new algorithm called parallel...

Authors: Li Chao Su, Zhen Xia Liu, Ya Guo Lu

Abstract: For aero-engines, high-altitude valve is a key component, which is important to the high-altitude performance of ventilation system....

Authors: Deng Wang Wang, Hui Wang, Zhi Gang Liang, Shi Ying Tang, Yan Li

Abstract: Resistance strain gauge is common used in strain measurement, particularly in small elastic strain measurement, it has many advantages....

Authors: Ting Li, Zhi Li Zhang, Yi Zheng

Abstract: Although functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) has been developing as a useful tool for monitoring functional brain activity since...

Authors: Hao Fang Liang, Guo Yong Shan

Abstract: Objective: To counteract the organ motion caused by respiratory movement through controlling the positioning bed’s synchronous motion with...

Authors: Bing Xu, Guan Sheng Yin, Xiao Wei Liu

Abstract: This paper gives a non-destructive and non-contact inspection way based on image processing which is introduced to detect bridge cracks....

Authors: De Bao Han

Abstract: This article focuses on the temperature dependent dynamic properties of rubber isolator. First, a set of experimental device was designed to...

Authors: Tao Lin, Zheng Wang, Wen Jing Guo

Abstract: Cotton stalk is a by-product of cotton planting process, and a great resource as a raw biomass material for manufacturing value-added...


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