Applied Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering II

Volumes 138-139

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Feng Bian, Jian Jun Zhou, Guo Bin Zhao

Abstract: Rock burst is a geological hazard which occurs when hard and brittle rock mass is excavated under high in-situ stresses or high stress...

Authors: Qing Cheng Wang, Xiao Dong Yang, Guang Rui Shang, Zhuo Juan Yang, Guo Hua Cao, Hong Ji Xu

Abstract: In this paper, the microstructure of the water strider’s legs was observed, the lengths, diameters of the water strider’s legs were measured...

Authors: Wei Jun Yang, Yong Da Yang, Jun Jie Tian

Abstract: This thesis investigated the mechanical property of the semi-rigid steel beam-column connection and its influence upon the propery of the...

Authors: Wei Jun Yang, Hao Ran Liu, You Bao Jiang

Abstract: The Influence of moisture content on the performance of desulfurization plasterboard is studied by a series of experiments in this paper, it...

Authors: Wei Jun Yang, Yu Lai Zhao, Hai Dian Zhang

Abstract: The temperature stress crack [1] in wall reduced the quality of wall, at the same time made sensory and psychological adverse...

Authors: Yun Bo Li, Ya Jun Li, Yan Wang

Abstract: The water entry of two-dimensional body with flow separation is simulated based on potential theory and boundary element method. The double...

Authors: Guo Jin Chen, Zhong Min Liu, Ting Ting Liu, Shao Hui Su, Guang Jie Yuan, Yi Jiang Cao

Abstract: In this paper, taking the high-power low-speed diesel engine as a study object, aiming at the key components' reliability analysis, a series...

Authors: Jin Xing Niu, Heng Can Li

Abstract: Analysis and calculation of stray light is important to improve the performance of infrared detection system. In this article, we mainly...

Authors: Li Jun Wang, Zhi Yang Pan

Abstract: Fan is a pneumatic device in the 4ZTL-1800 combine harvester threshing prior to cutting. Based on the prophase search result that fan noise...

Authors: Li Jun Wang, Zhi Yang Pan

Abstract: Fan is used for pneumatic conveying grain in the 4ZTL-1800 combine harvester threshing prior to cutting. In order to decrease power consume...


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