Applied Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering II

Volumes 138-139

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yi Shu Zhai, Xin Pan, Yu Jun Cai, Hua Shen

Abstract: In order to enhance the processing efficency of complex cavity surfaces by using iso-scallop height method, a subdivision method based on...

Authors: Ren Qiang Xi, Xue Dong Jiang, Yun Song He, Shu Hao Ban

Abstract: Owing to fluid characteristics of hydraulic structure seismic response, analysis method of this problem considering fluid-solid interaction...

Authors: Ya Nan Gao, Feng Gao, M.R. Yeung, Qing Hui Jiang

Abstract: The movement and deformation of rock stratum occur when the excavation is carries out during the underground mining process. Rock is a...

Authors: Zhong Si Xu, Tie Xiong Su, Gang Li, Kai Wang

Abstract: Because traditional passive suspension system can’t meet with the requirement of ride in all kinds of roads, elastomer damper was designed...

Authors: Feng Xiang You, Fei Zhang, Buo Lei Zuo

Abstract: Geometrical parameters of composite laminated plates in engineering structure tend to have stochastic properties. It would be very...

Authors: Ping Deng, Meng Zhang, Bao Zhong Wu, Jing Zhong Gong, Guo Xi Li

Abstract: By combining modular design with top-down design, a composite design method is proposed in this paper, namely top-down modularization. This...

Authors: Fei Wang, Jie Mei Ma, Chun Lian Li, Yun Hui Chen

Abstract: Deeply studying vibration and seismic response characteristics of Beijing Yin-tai Center provided information reflecting its anti-seismic...

Authors: Pei Qing Liu, Yan Xiang Cui, Liang Wang, Qiu Lin Qu

Abstract: Based on the characteristics of blowing control, a new technique was put forward to weaken slat cove separation and reduce noise. The effect...

Authors: Pei Qing Liu, Shuo Yang, Yun Tian

Abstract: During airplane’s take-off, higher lift force should be provided by wing used high lift devices, and the drag should be lower. The design...

Authors: Qiu Hong Song, Yong Mei Ma, Zhe Xu, Nan Jia, Yan Ping Zheng, Jun Ting Yuan

Abstract: Failure analysis is important for the safety design of the folding umbrella. The failure point is found on certain location after large...


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