Applied Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering II

Volumes 138-139

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Huai Ping Zhou, Ping Ge, Yong Fang

Abstract: An optimal motion planning based on minimum principle is presented to address the motion problem of the mobile manipulator in a sort of...

Authors: Liang Zhang, Pei Ge, Yao Gang Sun, Feng Mei Jin, Xiao Hang Wang

Abstract: This paper presents a support structure for gravity-based horizontal axial tidal current energy conversion system considering factors such...

Authors: Ke Yi Wang, Fang Chao Ma, Meng Hao, Li Xun Zhang, Pan Liu

Abstract: During rehabilitative training, a 3-DOF wire-driven parallel robot driven was designed to coordinate and control the trainer pelvis...

Authors: Yue Qiang Qian, Fu Jun Liu, Zhang Wei Ling, Shuai Kong

Abstract: In pressure vessels design, WRC107 provides a typical method of local stress analysis to supports and attachments. But influence of the...

Authors: Ya Mei Lan, Yong Guo Li, Wen Hua Guo

Abstract: Based on the finite volume method, the Navier-Stokes equations was used as the governing equations to develop a new module of the wave...

Authors: He Feng Zhou, Xin Wu Zeng

Abstract: In order to explore the application of glottis’ deformable modulation model, used to simulate the human phonation process, in high power...

Authors: Jia Song, Xiao Qiang Qi

Abstract: According to the conditions of supercavitating vehicle stable control problems, the massive uncertain factors caused by reactions between...

Authors: Tao Wang, Wei Sun, Xin Min Yao

Abstract: Flow field information is very important to study hydro-performance of amphibious vehicle. However, it is difficult and expensive to measure...

Authors: Zi Gang Li, Ming Li

Abstract: The dynamic behaviors of a flexible multi-rotor system with a fault of parallel misalignment are investigated on the basis of assumptions,...

Authors: Wei Han, Yi Yong Huang, Xiang Zhang, Xiao Qian Chen

Abstract: The nature of buffer system is a very important factor of determining the dynamic properties for the success of docking operation in space....


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