Applied Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering II

Volumes 138-139

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ya Zhou Xie

Abstract: Take the trail design of arch bridge with a span of 600m in Part I as the research object, this paper proposes the existing critical...

Authors: Xiao Hong Yin, Han Zhao, Can Yang

Abstract: As one kind of mobile robots, the automatic guided vehicle (AGV) has been used in more and more applications. Meanwhile, some challenges in...

Authors: Chao Zhang, Xiao Dan Zhao, Guang Hui Zhou

Abstract: The heat pump technology which is as an effective energy-saving technology has attracted more and more attentions. A novel solar-air...

Authors: Jun Kai Yang, Yun Jie Xu

Abstract: Cycloid cam speed reducer is a widely used transmission. In practice, there are many kinds influence factors which affect transmission...

Authors: Ai Min Ji, Kun Zhu, Quan Sheng Huang

Abstract: In Case-Based Reasoning (CBR), the determination of the weights of case characteristics is the base of the accurate case match, even...

Authors: Zhe Wang, Li Fang Kong, Wei Kui Wang

Abstract: According to the engine condition and the complexity, uncertainty and nonlinear of the corresponding parameters, it puts forward an engine...

Authors: Bing Yao Chen

Abstract: Constant–current soft starting on induction motor based on fuzzy control is characterized as low system overshoot, fast response and...

Authors: Guan De Lun, Yan Cong Liu, Peng Yi, Yang Qu

Abstract: Considering the effects in the gravity, buoyancy, thrust and hydrodynamic on the underwater vehicle, based on the perspective of the dynamic...

Authors: Hua Bo Deng, Wei Jun Liu, En Yang Gao

Abstract: In order to apply mathematical mechanization method during trajectory planning for NC machining, a platform framework is put forward which...

Authors: Shu Hui Xu, Lei Zhou

Abstract: The operational ability and mobility of astronaut in spacesuit is an important data for evaluation of the spacesuit, and to know it before...


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