Applied Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering II

Volumes 138-139

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chun Liang Dong, Xiao Yu Lu

Abstract: In order to calculate the interaction between complicated foundation and sluice plate conveniently, an effective method was proposed to...

Authors: Heng Li, Jin Yong Yu, You An Zhang

Abstract: With respect to aircraft with redundant multiple control effectors, a nonlinear controller, which is composed of a virtual control law and a...

Authors: Ke Tong Liu, Ai Ping Tang

Abstract: In view of the shortcoming of the existing structural reliability calculation method, this paper establishes optimization model of the...

Authors: Yue Jun Liu, Ai Ping Tang

Abstract: As an important lifeline, regelation have a lot of serious effects to the transmission towers and transmission lines. China has been serious...

Authors: Ying Jin, Jian Guo Yu

Abstract: This paper reviewed of the development of highway guardrail status briefly, combined with the median guardrail design principles and...

Authors: Hao Jie Wang, Jie Li, Wei Jia Fu

Abstract: By comparing the advantages and disadvantages of several different aerodynamic theories for propellers, the strip theory is applied to...

Authors: Yue Fa Zhou, Fang Lue Huang, Zhi Yong Zhang, Tian Shu Song

Abstract: In this paper, a new method is given about using Hamilton principle to establish multi-degree-of-freedom electro-hydraulic mix-drive motion...

Authors: Yi Zhang, Dong Ming Guo

Abstract: When production needs, the technology of aquifer thermal energy storage (ATES) can achieve cooling or heating by running the “underground...

Authors: Ru Tai Duan, Zhen Kui Jin, Chong Hui Suo

Abstract: Seismic stratigraphy and seismic geomorphology provides an indication of a carbonate platform’s internal and external architecture. High...

Authors: Wei Xiao, Zhou Zhou

Abstract: High Altitude Long Endurance (HALE) Solar UAV is integrated with a series of motor-propeller propulsion systems along the large aspect-ratio...


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