Applied Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering II

Volumes 138-139

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Yu Wang, Tuo Zhao
Abstract: Test model who’s scale is 1:10 was established. According to the actual engineering, through the model test, the laws about the settlement of the pile-raft foundation, vertical and horizontal settlement of soil, pile force, soil force and pile-soil stress ratio were studied under natural foundation, uniform and variable diameter pile-raft foundation. It can provide theoretical basis for Future research the pile raft foundation.
Authors: Zhong Cai Zheng, Yan Gao, Na Liu, Kun Jin Zhang, Hai Ou Chen, Xi Bin Huang, Jin Hu Wang
Abstract: The modal analysis of the engine block is carried out using finite element method. Through the analysis, the inherent frequencies and mode shapes of the first 6 order modes are obtained respectively. Then the harmonic response analysis of the engine block is carried out based on the modal analysis, and the corresponding inherent frequencies of the weak positions of block under the action of external cycle force are obtained. Finally, the consistency of the typical mode shape and amplitude-frequency curve is compared.
Authors: Yi Yang, Hu Huang, Yi Jun Wang, Xin Tian Liu, Li Hui Zhao
Abstract: This document explains and demonstrates how to establish a double wishbone independent suspension based on ADAMS and improve the vehicle’s handing stability and riding comfort by modify the hard point parameters of the suspension.
Authors: Michele Buonsanti, Giovanni Leonardi
Abstract: This paper using finite elements (FE) an approach to determine the contact stresses in a flexible pavement under landing aircraft loads is presented. The proposed 3-Dimensional model simulates the behaviour of flexible runway pavements during the landing phase. A study on the impact of a rubber solid on the free surface of a granular plate is presented, simulating an aircraft gear system landing on with a flexible surface. This study is performed considering two tires on the structural pavement, with the real loads applied directly on the two wheels of the gear system. The application takes in account the frictional phenomena developed between rubber solid and the surface of the pavement during the lockwire.
Authors: Xu Gang Wang, Xin Hua Li
Abstract: In order to lighten the disadvantageous effect of the friction on the machine angular position servo system, the controller is designed using the variable structure control with integral slide mode. The mathematical model of the machine servo system is built with Stribeck friction model. The integral slide mode function includes tracking error and the integral of the tracking error. The one order differential equation of the slide mode is a second-order linear model. In order to alleviate the chattering, the saturation function replaces the sign function. The simulation result show the tracking precision is high and the controller output has not obvious chattering. The controller meets the tracking precision of the machine angular position servo system.
Authors: Gang Ling Zhao, Li Qun Chen, Jing Li Fu
Abstract: In this article, we study Lie symmetries and conservation laws of the discrete electromechanical dynamical systems with irregular lattices. The Lagrange-Maxwell equation and transformation operators in the space of continuous and discrete variables are introduced, the determining equations and the structural equations of Lie symmetry theory are obtained under infinitesimal transformations with respect to generalized coordinates. Finally, we discuss an example to illustrate these results.
Authors: Xiao Li, Fan He, Xia Hong, Ting Guan
Abstract: To solve the problem of the time-delay, nonlinear and time-variable characteristics of hip-joint rehabilitation training device driven by pneumatic muscle actuator, an implicit generalized predictive controller was designed based on parameter model in this paper. It was applied to the isokinetic continuous passive motion control of the hip-joint rehabilitation training device. Experimental results proved that the controller has the property of high control accuracy, anti-disturbance capability and excellent adaptive abilities for the changes of system model parameters, compared with PID controller. This control method provides the beneficial reference for improving the control performance of such system.
Authors: Chun Bao Liu, Xiao Li, Ting Guan
Abstract: To optimize the structure of bladder power pump, a new urethra valve was designed. Based on the theories of electromagnetics and hydromechanics, the mathematic model of urethra valve was built, and the effects on the performance of urethra valve were analyzed, taking into account different influence factors such as electromagnet current, air gap and so on. The validity of the model was confirmed through the comparison between simulation and experiment. On the simulated test bed, the effects of urethra valve on the micturition performance of bladder power pump were studied. The results show that increasing the electromagnet current and decreasing the air gap between electromagnet and urethra valve are beneficial to increase the maximal urine flow rate and decrease the urine flow time. The research provides the basis for the performance analysis and optimal structure design of bladder power pump.
Authors: Xin Li Bai, Yu He Li, Sheng Tong Zhou
Abstract: Aimed at disadvantages of tedious work of the Gear Transmission design, Visual Fortran is taken as the development platform, and design data are stored and managed by self-developed program and database technology. A CAD System for Gear Transmission named GTCS is researched and developed. The system integrates designing and drawing in a body, and fully uses the powerful numerical calculation function of Visual Fortran and the function of Windows interface design, as well as the secondary development function of AutoCAD and database technology, etc. The software can realize designing and calculating of involute gear transmission mechanism, automatic drawing and various kinds of results post-processing. Results show that the research results greatly improved the efficiency and quality of the design. The result documents are easily accessible by other structural analysis software (such as SolidWorks, ANSYS, ADINA, etc) and similar design software, and convenient to use for the follow-up work.
Authors: Ya Zhou Xie
Abstract: The trial design of a proposed arch bridge with a span of 600m is made. Static performance, static stability, and vibration characteristics of this type of bridge are discussed by structural mechanical analysis. The project’s characteristics in finish state are summarized, and it is proved to be available to use this type of arch bridge at the span of 600m.

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